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Justice Department IG Launches Probe Of Classified Comey Memos


The IG is investigating whether former FBI Director James Comey shared classified information when he leaked to the press.


The Office of the Inspector General at the Justice Department has opened an investigation into James Comey to determine if he shared classified information when he leaked contents of his memos outlining his conversations with President Trump.

When testifying before Congress last year, Comey admitted that he leaked some of the memos to a friend with instructions to leak them to the media in an effort to force a special prosecutor be appointed to investigate Trump. Comey said that he removed some of the information that he knew to be classified at the time before sending them along to his friend, but the IG has said two of these memos contained classified information at the time that he leaked it, The Wall Street Journal reported Friday. The IG is now reviewing the classification of the memos.

In a meeting with President Trump last year, Comey quipped that people who leak government secrets should have their heads put on a pike in order to deter others from taking similar actions.