Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten

Ben Weingarten is a Federalist Senior Contributor, senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and fellow at the Claremont Institute. He was selected as a 2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow of the Fund for American Studies, under which he is currently working on a book on U.S.-China policy. Ben writes on national security and foreign policy, economics, and politics for publications including City Journal, Conservative Review and PJ Media. He is the founder and CEO of ChangeUp Media, a media consulting and production company dedicated to advancing conservative principles. Ben is also a 2015 Publius Fellow of the Claremont Institute. You can find his work at, and follow him on Twitter @bhweingarten.

New Trump Policy Would Restore Voting To Its Rightful Owners — Citizens

Should Trump’s memorandum hold, the U.S. will now exclude illegal aliens from the population counts used to apportion House seats. This is right as a matter of law, fairness, and common sense.

If You Really Believe Black Lives Matter, Stop Supporting Black Lives Matter

Impassioned Americans don’t understand that Black Lives Matter is a rhetorical facade masking Marxist ideas that would destroy the lives of vulnerable Americans.

Sen. Ted Cruz: Treat China Like It’s The New Soviet Union

The Chinese Communist Party ‘fears sunlight. It fears the truth. … Tyranny thrives in darkness,’ said Sen. Ted Cruz in an interview.

Sen. Rick Scott: Communist China Seeks ‘World Domination’

I sat down with Florida Sen. Rick Scott for a wide-ranging discussion on the Chinese Communist Party’s ambitions, partisanship on China, and a host of other topics.

Nikole Hannah-Jones’ Hatred For America Is The Basis Of The 1619 Project

Hannah-Jones’ words matter. They are the same words that may well emanate from our children’s lips if we do not take our schools back.

As The Left Storms The Ramparts, What Are You Prepared To Do About It?

If we are to regroup and figure out a way to turn the tide, we have to first acknowledge the precariousness of the situation, and ask ourselves about the root causes.

Baseball Is Wasting A Golden Moment During The Great Lockdown of 2020

Short-sighted negotiations between Major League Baseball owners and players are sabotaging the chance for a renaissance that the game desperately needs.

No, Camden, New Jersey Didn’t Defund The Police. It Increased Them

Proudly labeling Camden’s transformation as the result of disbanding its police force isn’t the whole story. Camden reorganized and grew its police force.

Trump’s China Speech Marks A Historic Departure From Establishment Status Quo

Trump confronted communist China, targeted its grand strategy, and put on notice its backers — for the betterment of America and other freedom-lovers.

Bill De Blasio Is A Cowardly Tyrant Fueling New York’s Demise

In Bill de Blasio’s world, during a pandemic, rioters have a right to non-peaceable assembly, but law-abiding religious believers have no right to meet peacefully.

To Prove Courage Of Convictions, Woke Capital Must Challenge China’s Hong Kong Crackdown

Will woke capital protest CCP tyranny, or sit idly by in spite of its stated devotion to progressive principles in the service of all ‘stakeholders’?

Here’s 23 Questions Joe Biden Needs To Answer About China

Communist China poses a greater threat to America than any other nation in the world. Will Biden disavow his decades of support for China’s rise and follow Trump’s lead?

U.S. Media Helps China Spread Propaganda About Wuhan Virus And Foreign Policy

Perhaps still worse than our media providing an open platform for the Chinese Communist Party is its parroting of CCP propaganda.

Tom Cotton Is Right About Restricting Chinese Student Visas

Protecting America against a bellicose, rapacious, and regressive Chinese Communist Party is neither self-defeating nor xenophobic, but eminently sensible.

Letter To Fed: Shareholders Should Drive Investing, Not Social Justice Warriors

Progressives have sought to impose their views on Americans through corporate America. Thanks to COVID-19, now conservatives are working to push politics out of boardrooms.

World Health Organization Director Again Parrots Chinese Propaganda In Anti-Taiwan Tirade

Under fire for his bias toward communist China, the Beijing-backed director-general sought to defend himself by slandering Taiwan, the thorn in the Chinese Communist Party’s side.

As Long As Communist China Controls The World Health Organization, It’s Completely Unreliable

The WHO peddled false narratives from the Chinese Communist Party as the pandemic mushroomed, and was mimicked by health officials, media, and politicians. It all undoubtedly contributed to the spread of the virus.

Wuhan Virus Underscores America’s Need To Defeat Communist China In 5G

Imagine what kind of leverage communist China would have over us if Huawei controlled the flow of information on which our increasingly digitized economy and society depends.

2020 Census Asks For Your Racial Identity, But Not If You’re A Citizen

How can we square the government’s willingness to ask us about race and origin with its unwillingness to ask about something as fundamental as citizenship?

5 Major Paradigm Shifts The Wuhan Flu Crisis Has Revealed Americans Need

While America’s first priority in the wake of the Wuhan coronavirus must be neutralizing immediate threats to health and safety, the disruption also provides an opportunity to engage in national reflection.