Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten
Ben Weingarten

Ben Weingarten is a Federalist Senior Contributor, senior fellow at the London Center for Policy Research and fellow at the Claremont Institute. He was selected as a 2019 Robert Novak Journalism Fellow of the Fund for American Studies, under which he is currently working on a book on U.S.-China policy. Ben writes on national security and foreign policy, economics, and politics for publications including City Journal, Conservative Review and PJ Media. He is the founder and CEO of ChangeUp Media, a media consulting and production company dedicated to advancing conservative principles. Ben is also a 2015 Publius Fellow of the Claremont Institute. You can find his work at, and follow him on Twitter @bhweingarten.

Ilhan Omar Is Using The Wuhan Virus To Shill For Iran

It is bad enough that Ilhan Omar has a penchant for blaming America first. Actively aiding our adversaries is even worse.

Joe Biden: Bernie Sanders And I ‘Share A Common Vision’ For The Country

Joe Biden says of the socialist Sanders, ‘We disagree on the detail of how we do it,’ but ‘we don’t disagree on the principle.’ Sanders’s leftism is the kind that will drive Biden’s policy agenda and goals.

Feinstein’s Real Insider Trading Scandal Is Selling America Out To China

The far more consequential story is Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s participation in richly profiting from the U.S.-China policy for which she has lobbied for 40 years.

Federal Prosecutors Drop Charges In Special Counsel’s Most Russia-Related Case For Collusion

The Mueller special counsel created a propaganda coup for Russia through pursuing a politicized indictment, seemingly to justify its existence, and very likely to the detriment of U.S. law.

Trump Admin Dresses Down Chinese Ambassador About Wuhan Virus Lies

This escalation by the Trump administration followed growing efforts in recent weeks by Chinese officials and state-run media entities to delink the virus from China.

Communist Chinese Propagandists Now Claim U.S. Military Made Wuhan Virus

China threatened by way of its leading propaganda publication to impose pharmaceutical export controls that ‘plunge[] [America] into the mighty sea of coronavirus.’

Why Social Justice Investing Is A Load Of Politicized Hypocrisy

The behemoth firm BlackRock, which manages almost $7 trillion in assets, recently committed to a slew of environmentalist initiatives.

14 Crucial Questions That Bernie Sanders Surrogate Ilhan Omar Won’t Answer

If Ilhan Omar is who Democratic front-runner Bernie Sanders entrusts with Minnesota in 2020, America deserves a response to these burning questions about her past.

Why Richard Grenell As Director Of National Intelligence Is A Loss For The Deep State

Richard Grenell has doggedly pursued the president’s agenda in the face of unrelenting defiance from the European Union’s most consequential power.

Ben Rhodes Attacks Trump To Obscure Obama’s Complicity In Iran’s Forever War

Despite Rhodes’ propaganda, America is in a far stronger position to deal with Iran’s provocations under Trump than at any time since Obama entered office.

Trump’s Strike On Soleimani Is About America First, Not Reckless Interventionism

Now Iran knows America is unconstrained by politically correct rules of engagement, and no longer acting out of delusions about bribing a jihadist regime into peace.

Entrepreneur Joe Ricketts Tells A Quintessentially American Success Story

The famed financier behind TD Ameritrade has written an autobiography, ‘The Harder You Work, the Luckier You Get,’ that is as inspiring as it is instructive.

Newt Gingrich’s Essential Primer On The Challenges Of Communist China

The former speaker of the House’s latest book, ‘Trump Vs. China,’ is an indispensable guide for understanding our greatest foreign policy challenge.

Americans Need To Stop Funding The Chinese Gulag

The Chinese have for decades banked on the world, and in particular its richest nation, prioritizing money over all else, including evidently its long-term national interest.

The Media Holds A Massive Double Standard About Naming Whistleblowers

As for the media, can we attribute its devotion to respecting the privacy of the Ukraine whistleblower to anything other than politics? The evidence suggests not.

Pompeo: United States Fostered China’s Rise ‘At The Expense Of American Values

What was revelatory in Secretary of State Mike Pompeo’s remarks was his forthright recognition of the nature of the Chinese Communist Party and its ambitions.

Is It Time For America To Begin Decoupling From Communist China?

The longer businesses in the West remain wedded to Chinese profits and Chinese money, the stronger the Chinese Communist Party will grow, at our long-term expense.

Why John Roberts’ Citizenship Decision Is Legally And Politically Corrupt

Since when is the Supreme Court in the business of going beyond constitutionality to mind-reading as to why bureaucrats devise policies that are constitutional?

Why The Democratic Establishment Won’t Stand Up To Their Party’s Anti-Semites

Democratic leaders seem to have surmised that to keep together a party splitting both generationally and ideologically, they had to either court the radicals or risk early retirement.

No, There Isn’t Moral Equivalence Between Communist China And The U.S.

‘Most of China’s 1.4 billion people have no religious affiliation. Is there any reason to believe that China is a less moral place than the United States?’ asks Max Boot.