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With These Podcasts You Can Reflect On Jesus’s Lineage In A New Way This Easter

This podcast is insightful, entertaining, and will almost certainly make you laugh. Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden examine biblical history in a delightful way.


In the season leading up to Easter, two of my favorite podcasters, Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden of the Popcast (if you haven’t subscribed, do—it will transform your Wednesdays), released the first season of their new podcast, The Bible Binge. The official description of the show is:

Talking about Bible stories is often fraught with scholarly nerd alerts about ancient linguistics and inaccessible theological discussions centered around hermeneutics. But what if there was a way to use your pop culture literacy to enhance your biblical literacy. What if you could recap the Bible like you recapped your favorite TV show? Welcome to the Bible Binge hosted by Knox McCoy and Jamie Golden of the Popcast.

This podcast is insightful, entertaining, and will almost certainly make you laugh. The hosts open every episode with the following disclaimer:

The Bible Binge has no agenda. This show is not meant to be evangelical or adversarial. We just think the Bible has some super dope stories and we want to talk more about in a voice that is less Bible scholar and more every-man or every-woman. The conversation that will take place this episode is meant to be more casual – not out of disrespect, but in an effort to better understand the story.

Knox and Jamie examine the stories in a delightful way by first providing a passage in scripture for context. They proceed to cast the characters to give you a mental image, review the story in the same way you would review a recent episode of a favorite show with one of your friends, choose the MVBP (most valuable Bible person) of the story, and highlight the biggest loser.

At the end of each episode, Knox and Jamie even have an accountability segment where they invite Elizabeth Hyndman, a graduate of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, to review the episode and offer supplemental information about the story or a “gentle rebuke” of Knox and Jamie’s interpretation of it.

Season one of the Bible Binge covered the lineage of Jesus. As I listened to the first six episodes, I couldn’t help but think about a similar series done by Wellspring Church NYC in the season leading up to Christmas in 2017. Its sermon series “Ordinary Women, Extraordinary Stories” was about the women in the lineage of Christ. Several different speakers walked through the stories of Eve, Tamar, Rahab, Ruth, Bathsheba, and Mary.

At first, I was prepared for a weekly overview of who these women were and a reminder that they are important because of their connection to the genealogy of Christ. While all of that is important, each sermon brought a fresh perspective to a story I already knew and helped me see these women in a new way. Both series challenged me to reflect on well-known characters, understand their significance in their time, and see the value their stories have today.

Here are links to each sermon and episode of The Bible Binge in chronological order for you to enjoy and reflect on the lineage of Jesus in a different way as you head into the Easter weekend.