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Canada’s Justin Trudeau Corrects Constituent: It’s Not ‘Mankind,’ It’s ‘Peoplekind’


Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t just wear goofy socks and take serendipitous selfies. He’s a serious man. He’s so serious that he is now correcting the politically incorrect terminology of audience members at his town hall events.

In case you were wondering, there is no “mankind.” We enlightened Canadians “like to say peoplekind,” Trudeau says. As Trudeau pointed out, it’s “more inclusive” that way. It’s just important to make the world a bit better with these small, socially just steps as unfortunate males of the species traverse the Noble Eightfold Path of being a woke feminist man.

Trudeau visibly recoiled when a woman asked him a question that included the word “mankind” in it at the town hall last week in Edmonton, Alberta. Doesn’t this space feel just a little bit safer and more gender-neutral now that you can be assured speech crimes won’t be committed? Canada also made its national anthem gender-neutral recently, heralding the kind of progress that brings a tear to the eye.

Trudeau backtracked a little after this incident, saying “peoplekind” was just a “dumb joke.” Folks might be excused for thinking other things in the world are also a dumb joke. In any case, Trudeau could have just said “humankind” and struck a decent compromise right there, although humankind still contains that lurking, toxic word: man.

There’s Just No Winning This Kind of Fight

There’s a long list of things to watch out for when you’re trying to pacify feelings, especially in a system of social values and right and wrong built on “feelings” and temporary emotional states (i.e., the postmodern West and its environs). Unfortunately for Trudeau, even his “peoplekind” gaffe drew a backlash from the Left, who were upset with him for “mansplaining” words to a woman.

Further left New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh said Trudeau was “mansplaining,” and a predictable chorus chimed in. You can’t make this stuff up. Pretty soon you will need a special tricorder device just to navigate everyday social interactions and “trans”-late what is appropriate. “Please pause while I calculate your position on the intersectional feminist and minority victimhood scale and corresponding speech authorization.”

Activist actress Rose McGowan can’t defend herself from being verbally assaulted, and even Trudeau can’t get away with mansplaining. It’s a brand new womyn-powered world, and you had better catch up (but not too fast, that would be ableist as heck). Let’s go a zany sock-footed step further: with the amount of privilege he has as a white, heterosexual, Christian man, Trudeau should personally author a hefty check to every citizen who’s less privileged than he. It’s only fair.

Cue the Inevitable Hypocrisy

Trudeau is ostensibly Catholic, but also made headlines recently for his government’s decision to cut funding for a summer jobs program to any group or individual professing pro-life beliefs. Basically, if you hold pro-life beliefs you have to, at minimum, pretend that you do not in order to get the normally provided federal funding.

Trudeau has said that nobody in his Liberal party is allowed to vote in any way against access to abortion. Trudeau must be a big supporter of groups like “Catholics for Choice,” who want publicly funded abortion, or Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good. These groups, part of a hoped-for “Catholic Spring” by John Podesta and others to undermine social conservatives, continuously distort religious doctrine to advance a fanatical anti-woman, fecundophobic agenda. To summarize: Trudeau and his ilk are very concerned about proper inclusion of all humankind and “peoplekind,” unless this tendency applies to the unborn.

There’s also an ongoing string of other greatest hits from the Stud of Canuckistan. He made early waves by flying to a private island of Aga Khan on a family vacation in a trip that had big conflict of interest implications, since Khan had business before the Canadian government. When his top advisor isn’t dodging taxes and his other one isn’t calling the British buffoons and veritable soy man Piers Morgan “far right,” Trudeau is known to sell armored vehicles to Saudi Arabia and is fine with providing Philippines strongman Rodrigo Duterte boatloads of weapons.

He wants Canadians going nuts with legal drugs, but he’s fine selling some firepower to a guy who authorizes killing anyone even remotely accused of drug trafficking or caught in the crossfire. Consistent, right? Trudeau also has a penchant for approving LGBT-friendly pipelines and comparing returning ISIS terrorists to well-meaning immigrants and refugees of the past. To wit, to another recent town hall question from a woman concerned about her kids’ safety if Canada goes easy on returning ISIS fighters, Trudeau answered by launching an extended homily to the sanctity of endless immigration and acceptance.

That’s not enough, though: Trudeau also said some veterans wanting benefits should stop being so demanding and asking for more than the government can provide. Just a thought, but maybe they shouldn’t let this guy out for town halls anymore. Trudeau may be more comfortable in a rainbow-colored room full of diverse Barbie dolls. Maybe he can even put socks on them.

Trudeau is a charming and positive guy, but maybe he should just stick to looking upbeat and being objectified for his looks. Accordingly, here’s some well-meant advice. The key to an improved Trudeau may revolve around socks after all: Mr. Prime Minister, put a sock in it!