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For Proof Abortion Is Inhumane, Look No Further Than Supporters’ Defenses Of Killing Disabled People


Evidence of the humanity of the unborn and the inhumanity of abortion activists continues to accumulate. The most recent revelation of the latter came in the form of a tweet promoting the pro-“choice” position, declaring: “It is okay to think that every child matters however a lot of them do not hence the amnio test which should be a mandatory test and if it proves negative and the woman does not want to abort then all bills accrued after that is on her and the father … ”

And then thinking she was proving her point, the abortion advocate, using the Twitter handle @OBSIDIANSMOAK, included a screen shot of 9-year-old Sophia, a little girl who suffers from Rett syndrome, “a rare neurological disorder that affects a child’s ability to eat, speak, walk and breathe [and] an unknown syndrome that has caused facial deformities.”

Sophia’s mother, Natalie Weaver, reported the tweet, but when Twitter initially responded that it had found no violation of its rules, Weaver blasted the social media mogul for refusing to suspend @OBSIDIANSMOAK for, as Weaver put it, “using my child’s image as the poster child to ABORT & to weed out all the ‘defectives’ in utero … ”

Weaver, who co-founded of Advocates for Medically Fragile Kids NC, suggested Twitter “also add ‘hate towards people with disabilities’ to their violation reporting categories,” reported Fox News.

Twitter later apologized and suspended @OBSIDIANSMOAK’s account, but the post’s very existence and Twitter’s initial response exposes a sad reality: Abortion isn’t about choice, it’s about dead babies — at least when the unborn aren’t “perfect,” according to our flawed human standard.

While @OBSIDIANSMOAK’s tweet stirred outrage, it was only because of the bluntness of the post — not the content. The Left regularly rests its defense on late-term abortions on the disease, disability, or deformity of the unborn — they just do so more gently. So gently, in fact, that news outlets succeeded in positively spinning Iceland’s “eradication” of Down Syndrome through abortion, even though  the “choice” exercised by 100 percent of the mothers-to-be flowed from pressure and propaganda.  Those pushing for Ireland to legalize abortion likewise tout a eugenics-based justification for abortion.

Then there was the (Liberal) Women’s March this weekend, where Kelsey Harkness, Federalist contributor and Senior News Producer for the Daily Signal News, spoke with attendees about abortion. The typical tripe of “choice” and “bodily integrity” made appearances, but so too did the idea that ending up in foster care or adoptive homes is “worse than abortion.” So, now pro-“choice” advocates aren’t just judging physical “perfection,” they are also presenting privilege (or lack thereof) as a litmus test for life. Abortion — it’s about dead babies.

A recent vote in the House of Representatives exposed a similar truth. As Timothy Jackson detailed earlier this week, when the House voted on the Born-Alive Abortion Survivors Protection Act — which would require health care practitioners to exercise reasonable care for born alive infants and immediately admit the babies to a hospital — “nearly all Democrats in the House voted against it.”  This law has nothing to do with a woman exercising control over her body; this law only applies after the abortion procedure is completed and the baby is born alive. Yet Democrats, en masse, opposed the legislation. So, for the Left, abortion also isn’t about a woman’s right to bodily integrity, it’s about dead babies.

The advancement of artificial wombs further revealed this reality. When scientists announced the promising results of testing of artificial-womb technology on premature lambs in April 2017, abortion activists expressed concern over the impact on the “right” to abortion.

At the time, according to Gizmodo, I. Glenn Cohen, a Harvard Law School bioethicist, suggested the technology “has the potential to really disrupt things, first by asking the question of whether a fetus could be considered ‘viable’ at the time of abortion if you could place it in an artificial womb.”  Cohen added:  “It could wind up being that you only have the right to an abortion up until you can put [a fetus] in the artificial womb. It’s terrifying.” Well, it would only be terrifying if what activists really want women to have is a dead baby — and not merely control over their own bodies.

Abortion isn’t about choice. Abortion isn’t about bodily autonomy. Abortion isn’t about what is best for the baby. And abortion isn’t even about what is best for women, because if it were, abortion activists wouldn’t seek to silence the suffering of women who have aborted their children. At the end of the day, alone in the night, they cry for their children, because women know the truth: fetus is merely the technical term for an unborn baby, and abortion kills their unborn baby.

They suffer greatly, as A.D.P. Efferson exposed earlier this week: “We know it’s a lie that abortion doesn’t harm women. We know this anecdotally, from talking with mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends who have had abortions, and shared their stories of pain, doubt, shame, guilt, and suffering. We also know it from research that demonstrates quantitatively that significant numbers of women are left clinically depressed as a direct result of having had an abortion.” Women deserve better.