Hemingway: Was Russia Collusion Investigation Compromised By Steele Dossier?

Hemingway: Was Russia Collusion Investigation Compromised By Steele Dossier?

On “Special Report” Thursday evening, Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway discussed Russia and government corruption given new evidence of politicization inside special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation of the Trump administration.

New information surfaced this week that FBI official Peter Strzok was removed from the investigation in July for anti-Trump text messages. Strzok was one of two FBI agents who interviewed former Trump national security advisor Mike Flynn, who recently pled guilty to lying to the FBI. Strzok also interviewed top Hillary Clinton aides during the FBI investigation of her email use that endangered national security.

“It isn’t that uncommon for people to have political opinions even if they’re FBI agents. That [Strzok] was removed for them suggests this was something completely apart from normal political rhetoric,” Hemingway said.

She went on to discuss Thursday’s congressional hearing, in which lawmakers interviewed FBI Director Christopher Wray. He refused to answer questions such as whether the discredited dossier compiled by British spy Christopher Steele was used to start the Russia collusion investigation; whether the FBI paid people involved with the dossier, including Steele; whether the dossier was used to secure a secret-court FISA warrant authorizing surveillance on Trump affiliates during the 2016 presidential election.

“The question is whether the actual special counsel investigation itself was not compromised by its involvement with this dossier,” Hemingway said. “The American people deserve to know whether it was, and most importantly they deserve to know whether that wiretap application was in any way related to the dossier, and if it was, hoo boy, that’s a scandal.”

“It’s also worth asking if the real division in government isn’t between Republican and Democrat, but between bureaucracy and people trying to hold it accountable,” she concluded.

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