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Six Other Things Verrit Will Feature That Are Unrepresented in Media


Former Clinton aide Peter Daou announced a news start-up over the weekend. Formed with his wife Leela, Verrit is marketed as a platform for 65.8 million Americans who voted for Hillary Clinton, “an inspiringly diverse coalition…unrepresented in the media,” Daou tweeted. Clinton herself backed the organization Sunday, urging her followers to join the new site:

Along with featuring the perspectives of those who voted for Clinton and are critical of President Donald Trump, here are some other ways this new product will set itself apart.

Hair-Trigger Breaking News Push Notifications

Verrit is necessary because there just aren’t enough breaking news alerts served to the American public on a daily basis. Sure, you may know that Kate Middleton announced today she is having her third baby, but did you have that information pushed to you on your mobile device 37 times this morning before you’d had coffee? That’s the kind of groundbreaking innovation we’re here to bring you. America deserves it. There is an inspiringly diverse coalition of push notifications unfairly silenced by the lack of representation of breaking news push alerts in media today.

People Who Live in NYC and D.C. and are Uncomfortable With Trump Policies

We knew finding the right talent for Verrit wouldn’t be simple. We had to search far and wide in all two of America’s cities— including far-flung boroughs, but not so far we got to Staten Island! Come on, it’s a ferry ride.— to find people brave enough to talk publicly from a liberal perspective about how misogyny, sexism, and racism plague our politics and impact our elections. No one said it would be easy, but we are doing what has to be done, and with your support, we believe we can bring these hidden viewpoints to the fore.


When we looked out across the modern news media, we saw a real dearth of groups of people arguing about a political topic on which they represent slightly different views. Let’s mix it up, we thought! Whether they’re truly expert, dubiously qualified, or woefully uninformed, our panels will always represent only the rich and inspiringly diverse opinions of the voters who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016.


Who in media and politics has a podcast these days? Almost no one. We promise to start one soon-ish.


Our plan: Daily, rigorously-verified info and analysis brought to you, not just in print or audio, but also via a short, snappy summary in the lower third of the screen. We call it a chyron, and it’s our way of declaring independence, repudiating false narratives, and telling our OWN story. You’ll never miss our story when it’s sitting right there for you to read.

Uncertain Revenue Streams and Paywalls for Unproven Products

Will there be premium content? Oh, there will be premium content. When we examined this landscape, you know what we saw missing? The opportunity to be upsold when you’re getting an unprecedented amount of news on your phone for free every day. Verrit is there to make that upsell because the only way future generations will get the FACTS about how we got here from a group of strategists and analysts who managed to lose to Donald Trump is for them to pay for unspecified premium Verrit from those very people.

Join us on this unprecedented ride. We will not be silenced.