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Instead Of Thanking Kelly For Firing The Mooch, The Media Attacked

Democrats spent two weeks mocking Anthony Scaramucci, then mocked the Trump administration when it fired him. You can’t win with these people.


When retired four-star general John Kelly took his new post as White House chief of staff on Monday, he immediately parted ways with a man whom Democrats had spent two weeks vehemently mocking.

You would have thought such a move would be considered a step in the Left’s direction.  Yet it took only one glance at social media to realize that the preferred story of the day would be “White House in chaos!”

Let that sink in: The new chief of staff quickly implemented a plan to better the White House, and what’s the story? 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue has fallen into ruins.

I have news for those who are so eager to see the nation’s highest office fail. No matter what your opinion of the president happens to be, “chaos” isn’t a word anyone should be associating with Kelly. You know, the man who actually parted ways with Anthony Scaramucci, former White House communications director.

Kelly briefly served as the secretary of Homeland Security and retired just this February after serving four decades in the Marines, where his last post was head of the U.S. Southern Command overseeing Latin America and the Caribbean. A pragmatic military man, Kelly ousted Scaramucci who, despite his best intentions to bring a level of transparency to the White House, ended up bringing …well, a little too much transparency. He failed to adequately perform in the media spotlight during his brief time on the job.

This is exactly what liberals had hoped would happen. They scoured Scaramucci’s tweets going back to 2009. They dug up old interviews on Fox Business Channel. Heck, they even took devilish delight in the man’s divorce, using it as a way to attack him and displaying a lack of civility that should not exist beyond partisan lines.

The White House staff’s shake-up should have comforted Democrats. Rather than being reassured that the administration’s staffing mistake was corrected, the firing was used as an opportunity to unleash ridicule and anger towards President Trump—yet again. Ironically, all the president did in this particular move was facilitate what the Democratic Party should have wanted all along: hiring Kelly and giving him authority to lead.

Does the timing play well in a press release? No. But every move, even Scaramucci’s hiring, was designed to improve the overall picture, which should be the ultimate goal for every American regardless of party beliefs.

But that won’t be the click-bait headline of pundits and vocal critics hungry to tear the administration down whatever the cost. For conservatives, and any American proud of this country, hearing the White House is in chaos is neither a joking matter, nor the image Kelly will portray.

Kelly took one step towards order, not chaos, and he deserves the benefit of the doubt in his efforts to improve the administration. That’s how Monday’s news should be perceived. It’s in everyone’s best interest that with Kelly around, the White House won’t move two steps