Britt McHenry
Britt McHenry
With Theaters Closed, ‘Extraction’ Is The High-Octane Action Flick Movie Lovers Are Craving

In ‘Extraction,’ Netflix’s first-to-streaming release, Chris Hemsworth exudes the acting chops he so rarely gets credit for displaying.

World Mourns Basketball Star Kobe Bryant And Daughter’s Loss In Helicopter Crash

Saying goodbye to Kobe Bryant at just 41 years old, and his daughter Gianna at just age 13, will never make sense.

Bryce Harper Bats Down Frosty DC Homecoming With Home Run

Before Harper sent a 458-foot bomb into the frigid air at Nationals Park Tuesday night, the homecoming wasn’t so rosy for the 26-year-old and newly minted 330-million-dollar man.

Transgender Athletes Who Compete Against Women Are Cheats

We don’t allow steroids in professional sports, so why should we allow genetic enhancement or alteration drugs in amateur sports?

Top Democrats In Line For Virginia Governor’s Office Embroiled In Scandal, Refuse To Step Down

Sadly, the message we are witnessing this week from Virginia’s top leaders is that racism and possible sexual assault are better alternatives than bipartisanship.

Kirsten Gillibrand Loves Women, As Long As They Vote For Her

If you thought Hillary Clinton’s #ImWithHer was bad, get ready for an overdose of estrogen in what could be the most wide open Democratic presidential primary since 1992.

Child Sex Cult Allegations Against R. Kelly Are 15 Years Too Late

John Legend tweeted that partaking in the documentary ‘Surviving R. Kelly’ was an ‘easy decision,’ and labeled Kelly a ‘serial child rapist.’ He was almost alone in going public.

No, Condi Rice Shouldn’t Be Considered For Cleveland Browns Head Coach

I’m all for breaking glass ceilings, but the first woman to interview for a head-coaching job should be a woman who has actually coached football once in her life.

Hillary Clinton Once Again Demonstrates She Is Disconnected From Reality

Hillary says her husband Bill Clinton should ‘absolutely not’ have resigned in the wake of the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and did not abuse his power by having sexual relations with her.

Taylor Swift Plunges Into Politics, Endorses Democrats In 2018 Races

After years of political silence, pop culture icon Taylor Swift is now endorsing an old white dude for the Senate … because feminism.

Aly Raisman Was Far More Empowered Wearing Clothes Than She Was Stripping For Sports Illustrated

With women understandably frustrated about sexual harassment in the workplace, Sports Illustrated decided to capitalize on it in the guise of caring about it.

To Placate LGBT Lobby, Harvard Ends Single-Sex Student Clubs

Harvard should be ashamed for actively trying to break apart young women contributing to great causes simply because they are women.

USA Gymnastics Shares Blame For Allowing Larry Nassar To Abuse Hundreds Of Gymnasts

Trial has begun for more than 150 young women suing former USA gymnastics team doctor Larry Nassar, alleging sexual assault under the guise of medical treatment.

Trump’s Visit To College Football Championship Highlights Fan Versus Media Dichotomy

Between two Republican electoral strongholds playing the College Football Playoff National Championship Monday, Trump is guaranteed a victory.

While Celebrities Slam Trump, Jobs Grow Across America, Especially For Minorities

The same people whom rail on Trump for every perceived social justice slight fail to recognize the financial prosperity this administration has ushered in for minority groups.

Can ‘Chuck And Nancy’ Get Any More Immature Than Dropping A Trump Meeting Over A Tweet?

All that’s missing from this utter lack of maturity and leadership is Regina George from ‘Mean Girls’ standing on Capitol Hill with a burn book in tow.

Why Aren’t Any NFL Players Kneeling Over This Pennsylvania Cop Shooting?

No NFL players kneeled on Sunday to protest the brutality that occurred to Brian Shaw. Is that because he’s a police officer?

U.S. Basketball Players Like To Bash Trump, But The Ones Arrested In China Need Him

These players are in hot international waters. It will require a lot more than a statement from UCLA or Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott.

Colin Kaepernick’s Worst Enemy Isn’t NFL Owners Or President Trump, It’s Himself

Colin Kaepernick has filed a grievance arguing NFL owners colluded among themselves and with President Trump to keep him unemployed.

The Left’s Hypocrisy On Tarring Mike Pence For Leaving That Colts Game

Vice President Mike Pence attended the Indianapolis Colts hosting the San Francisco 49ers game Sunday. After the national anthem, Pence left. Cue Twitter mobs.