If You’re More Concerned About Melania’s Shoes Than Harvey Victims, You’re The Problem

If You’re More Concerned About Melania’s Shoes Than Harvey Victims, You’re The Problem

If you happened to glance at social media Tuesday morning, you may have noticed a trending topic. No, it wasn’t #HoustonStrong. It wasn’t Hurricane Harvey or anything related to rescue and evacuation efforts in response to a catastrophic natural disaster.

The third most trending item on Twitter was Melania Trump, our first lady, because she wore stilettos boarding Air Force One. That’s not a headline in The Onion, although it should be. FLOTUS’s choice of shoe wear is what sent the masses into a tizzy this time. One comment read, “Melania Trump appears to be wearing 5 inch stiletto heels to tour a natural disaster area. #clueless.” Another asked, “What kind of message do Melania Trump’s sky-high stilettos send to those suffering in Houston?” Um, that she brought a change of clothes.

The most hysterical aspect of this latest form of online absurdity is that FLOTUS actually stepped off the plane in Corpus Christi, Texas wearing sneakers and a ball cap. Imagine that. FLOTUS could—and this is an alarming proposition—change shoes while aboard a three-hour flight.

Of course, some people really liked the hat.

Instead of focusing on our first lady choosing to accompany her husband to a state dealing with utter wreckage, cynics chose to fixate on her choice of fashion because “optics.” Newsflash: If you align with a public perception that’s more concerned with a woman’s shoes instead of the hundreds of thousands who are forced to abandon their flooded homes, then you’re part of the problem. Quite simply, you belong to the divisive, accusatory political witch-hunt aimed at tearing the social seams of this country apart.

Furthermore, the people criticizing FLOTUS for her “elitist” attire are the same people who lambast President Trump for not being “presidential” enough. I’m not here to argue with every instance that particular point of view has been vocalized. But if the supposed informality of Trump’s appearance and colloquial speech is a source of ire, it’s hypocritical to get bothered by our first lady’s immaculate, polished appearance. Shouldn’t she be “presidential” enough for you?

Believe it or not, some Americans relish that their first lady looks every bit the part. That’s not a dig towards Michelle Obama, either; she presented herself with class and decorum as well. Criticism of her appearance during Barack Obama’s eight years in office was just as misguided and cruel; one might even say sexist.

We should be at a point in society where it’s not only commonplace but celebrated that a woman can don a flashy pair of heels for work then come home in sneakers and sweats to run a household. Or in both FLOTUS cases, help run a White House and heal our country.

Like most things when it comes to the quick-to-judge extremists of the Left, the outrage was for nothing. No matter what the presidential family does or happens to wear, it’s never going to be good enough for the staunch Left. As inappropriate and juvenile as it is, Trump combatants will always find something miniscule to ridicule or attack despite our country facing much larger issues that require unity.

Britt McHenry is a journalist based in Washington DC. Follow her on Twitter @BrittMcHenry.
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