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4 Recent Entertaining Episodes Of SJWs Tying Themselves In Knots

Cultural appropriation is definitively getting out of hand, and the results are hilarious


If there were any doubt remaining, last week’s Team Kardashian camo-bikini outrage confirmed the Left has vaulted from the realm of parody into the twilight zone of cognitive dissonance. Cultural appropriation is definitively getting out of hand, and the results are hilarious. Here are four of the most obvious recent examples of the Left’s continuing excursion in nonsense-land.

1. Kylie Jenner and Camo-Gate

Let’s start with Kylie Jenner’s offense. She dared don a camouflage bikini to promote her all-new camo collection. The outrage hit quicker than a couple of pasty-white girls could close up shop on their burrito stand in Portland, with Jenner’s critics reminding folks that Destiny’s Child wore camo bikinis 16 years ago in a “Survivor” video.

Baffled (or bemused), the Right responded with tongue-in-cheek mirth, with The Federalist’s Robert Tracinski’s expressing shock “at this coastal elite appropriation of redneck culture.” Not to be outdone, one follower noted “CAMOUFLAGE & the BIKINI were both invented by white French dudes. Different dudes and almost exactly 50 years apart.”

While the Right seems to see the silliness in assessing the rightful cultural owner of an age-old discovery, the Left instead holds a virtual graduate-level seminar on etymology when faced with this challenging issue. Consider, for instance, this exchange on Twitter from a few days ago:

This madness merely illustrates the obvious: Mankind has been appropriating the ideas, ideals, and idols from earlier generations and cultures ever since Eve nicked an apple and proceeded to outfit herself in fig leaves—the earliest recorded camo-bikini. And 100 percent organic at that!

2. Left Celebrates Trans Men Appropriating Women’s Everything

Camo-gate came only two short months after Kylie’s sister, Kendall, stepped into it with a Pepsi in hand when she “appropriated the #BlackLivesMatter movement.” But one might forgive the Jenner sisters for their PC ignorance: After all, society has been celebrating their father’s appropriation of women’s everything for the last year.

Ah, but when sex is appropriated, that’s different: The Left calls that gender and it is real. So real is the trans identity that we see cartoons teaching kids that men can menstruate and reporters breaking news of men giving birth. So real is the trans identity that you’re transphobic if you’re straight and don’t want to date someone of the same sex.

And It. Is. Everywhere. Target. Schools. Bathrooms. Even high school girls’ sporting competitions: This year saw a freshman boy (who identifies as a girl) pulling in two state titles in the girl’s 100 and 200 meter races.

So much for Title IX leveling the playing field.

3. Feminism Is About Body Parts Except When That’s Transphobic

With boys atop the girls’ winner’s stand, feminists everywhere must be wondering “Now what?”

My thoughts exactly. The self-proclaimed guardians of the girls have already made clear that feminism is all about body parts, whether crocheted, crafted, or flaunted (link omitted). But at least here, Piers Morgan is right: “It’s not ‘misogyny’ to think that posting nude photos in the supposed name of feminist empowerment is pathetic attention-seeking bulls**t.”

So much for the calls of a past generation of women’s libbers that women be treated seriously and not as sexual objects. Wait, that’s women and transwomen because men are women too, according to the coven.

4. You Can Be Another Sex, But Not Another Race

While the feminist movement welcomes transmen as authentic peers, when it comes to racial identity, progressives have whiplashed back to appropriation theory, with Rachel Dolezal the once-again face of the fraud. As the New York Daily News recently reported, “Organizers of the Baltimore Book Festival have disinvited Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who led others to believe she was black. The decision Tuesday by the Baltimore Office of Promotion & the Arts came days after defending its choice to have her there.” So while Dolezal may compare herself to Jenner, when it comes to blackness no one is buying it.

Racial identity isn’t just a fight over black and white. The box-checking diversity-obsessed have found the need to debate whether “Wonder Woman” actress Gal Gadot is white or a person of color. Apparently “[t]he controversy began immediately after the premier when some cultural critics noted that while the film broke gender barriers it still represented a native ‘Amazonian’ from a remote island as being lily-white, and so its representation of people of color fell short.”

Others countered that, as an Ashkenazi Jew, Gadot is not white. As the DNA discussion heated up, even David Duke joined the fray, tweeting “Zionists Say Wonder Woman and Jews are Not White!”

While the Left settles on what racial check-box Gadot satisfies, it’s beyond dispute that she is female. Settled science and all that. Except of course to the trans lobby.

This dizzying PC dribble is enough to make you drink. But don’t reach for a Guinness or a whiskey, or you’ll be appropriating my Irish culture.