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FLASHBACK: Kathy Griffin Blames Sarah Palin For AZ Shooting

Before Kathy Griffin went ISIS on President Trump, she blamed Sarah Palin for the Arizona shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 other victims.


Comedian Kathy Griffin, the same lady who posed for a photo shoot wielding what looks like a severed and bloody Donald Trump head in a creepy, ISIS-like fashion, once condemned Sarah Palin for inciting the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 18 others outside of grocery store in 2011.

Palin had released an online map showing several congressional districts in crosshairs, which Hollywood liberals said constituted the former governor of Alaska encouraging a shooter to go after Giffords. The shooter’s mental health had been deteriorating in the months leading up to the violent attack. His reasons were not coherent nor connected to Palin’s map.

Nevertheless, Griffin blamed Palin and condemned the map.

That was 2011. Just yesterday the comedian thought it was totally cool to go full-on ISIS in a new video. In a since-deleted tweet, Griffin is seen holding up a Trump-like head, with the following caption.

The imagery is gruesome, in an over-the-top, horror-movie kind of way. For those who wish to see a screenshot, scroll to the bottom of this article. Griffin followed the video up with this tweet.

So, pretending to behead the president is totally cool, but a MAPS OMG WAY TOO FAR.

Griffin has since apologized for the gory images and asked the photographer delete them.

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