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Chuck Todd Says He Will Change The Direction Your Toilet Paper Hangs

MSNBC host Chuck Todd actually believes that toilet paper should hang in the ‘under’ position and will force his senseless ways on you too.


Do not invite Chuck Todd to your holiday parties. Not only does the MSNBC host incorrectly believe that toilet paper should hang in the “under” position, but he will gladly come into your bathroom and change the direction of your toilet paper as he sees fit.

As Todd passionately explained on “The Tony Kornheiser Show” last week, he believes toilet paper rolls should hang in the “under” position, for a number of foolish reasons.

“It’s easier to rip. It’s easier to handle things…it’s easier to do your business,” he said. “I will absolutely go into somebody’s house and correct it because I think people don’t understand the correct way to install toilet paper.”

CNN commentator Chris Cillizza, who was also on the show, decried Todd as a “Monster!”

Listen here:

It goes without saying that the correct way to hang toilet paper is in the “over” position, just as the originally patented design shows below.