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Watch Tim Tebow Hit A Home Run In His First At-Bat


Do you believe in angels? Because they were in the infield Thursday night.


Do you believe in angels? Because they were in the infield Thursday night.

During his first at-bat for the Columbia Fireflies, a minor league team affiliated with the New York Mets, Tim Tebow, the former NFL player renowned for openly practicing his faith, hit a home run off a pitcher who was the 666th MLB draft pick in 2015.

Some say that Tebow, who has a cult-like fan following due to his traditional values and Christian beliefs, was blackballed out of the NFL because teams reportedly just did not want to deal with all the drama that came along with his 3.76 million Twitter followers — a following that’s significantly larger than every single team in the NFL.

Others say his playing style was a good fit for college ball but not NFL, and one of his ex-teammates said it was difficult to receive passes from the former quarterback. In any case, after years of holding out hope that he would be redrafted into the NFL, Tebow finally realized his football days were behind him, and decided to play professional baseball instead. He’s starting out in the minor leagues, with the hope he will eventually get signed by the Mets.

The buildup surrounding Tebow’s first at-bat was especially intense after he struck out at a training game a few weeks ago. Deadspin wrote a piece with a Philistine-ish headline along the lines of: WHERE IS YOUR GOD NOW?

Here are apparently a few other headlines they considered.

Suck it, haters! Or, in Tebow-speak: “Thank you, Lord, for you are GOOD!”

Deadspin should stick to what they do best — getting owned by derpy politicians on Twitter — and leave the sports talk to some other guys.