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Podcast: Protests, Women’s Strike, And Why HBO’s ‘Girls’ Is Actually Conservative

Washington Post writer and editor, Christine Emba, joins The Federalist Radio Hour with Mollie Hemingway to talk feminism, sex, politics and more.


Christine Emba, writer and editor of “In Theory” at the Washington Post, joins Mollie Hemingway on this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, where they discussed free speech in the context of recent protests on college campuses and the “A Day Without a Woman” strike. They also talk political turmoil, Lena Dunham’s “Girls”, and how the sexual revolution has hurt women and dating.

The upcoming women’s strike is getting pushback on the idea that it’s only women of privilege that can afford to take the day off or risk losing their job. “There is this question, ‘Who is this feminism for?” Emba said. “You find these questions of intersectionality, of representation, of class, equality, and structure, I think really infiltrating the movement and there’s a lot of friction.”

Later in the hour, they discuss the pushback against Trump and recent confusion on intelligence leaks surrounding the administration. “I hope that people of all political stripes understand the damage of intelligence agencies being engaged in the this type of behavior and how much it does to undermine people’s confidence in institutions,” Hemingway said.

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