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The Claws Out For Ivanka Trump Show Liberal Love For Women Is A Sham


Women can be vicious. Just ask men. Better yet, ask other women. If they’re honest, they’ll tell you. Women can be harsh to their own kind, especially liberal women. That’s what makes feminist campaigns like the “Women’s March” a bit of a joke. It’s not about women sticking up for one another. It’s about liberal women advancing their own liberal agenda, and if you’re not on board, you’re attacked, viciously.

Just look at how Ivanka Trump is being treated. After she posted an adorable photo with her son, comedian Ilana Glazer of “Broad City” unfurled her claws.

Ivanka’s tweet didn’t mock other women. In fact, many women could identify with her. Plenty of working moms have taken their kids to work, and women who are homemakers or work from home appreciate a mom who is active in their children’s lives.

I can bet if any liberal celebrity or politician tweeted the same thing, they’d be praised for it. But not Ivanka. Because she’s her father’s daughter, she is unfairly attacked by other women.

The Double Standards Are Obvious

The same goes for all the stores that are pulling or downplaying her clothing line—Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus, T.J. Maxx, and Marshalls. Ivanka was shocked, of course. Why would they boycott her clothing line just because of her dad’s politics? Aren’t women supposed to be treated independently, separate from their male relatives?

Isn’t this what we were told repeatedly about Hillary Clinton? It didn’t matter what Bill did. Hillary was her own woman. She didn’t have to answer for her husband’s shortcomings and immoral behavior, particularly toward women. Yet this is what we get about Ivanka: “While she is not her dad, she is complicit in his actions, especially considering her husband is her dad’s advisor.”

Complicit in his actions? Which illegal or immoral actions is she involved in, exactly? Unlike Hillary, who actually took active steps to silence her husband’s accusers of sexual assault and rape, Ivanka has done nothing even remotely similar. She has supported her dad’s candidacy, and she continues to support him, but she is not actively “complicit” in anything. Women are independent of men, right?

Or is that true only for liberal women? Only they are seen as individuals with identities of their own, but Republican women, well, they have no independent identities. They’re appendages of the men in their lives. I call BS on that one.

People See the Hypocrisy and They’re Sick of It

It’s this kind of hypocrisy from the Left that got Donald Trump elected. People are tired of it. They see behind the veil where petty, insecure people are pulling the levers. This is especially true of the feminist movement: Madonna, Ashley Judd, Scarlett Johannsson, Sarah Silverman, and all the rest of the liberal celebrities who are in meltdown mode right now are being exposed for the frauds they are.

Just like the organizers who refused to let pro-life women participate in the Woman’s March, and the conga line of liberal elites who bash conservative female pundits and politicians as if they’re Sarah Palin beating a halibut, women who attack Ivanka are backstabbing harpies. That’s all. They’re not principled. They don’t care about women’s rights. They don’t care about the dignity of all women. They care about one thing—their own egos, which are wrapped up in their liberal politics. They don’t care about you. They care about themselves.

Instead of engaging in rational debate, they attack, boycott, politicize, and propagandize. They bastardize their art and their platforms to perpetuate an ideology that undermines our republic, our freedom, the American people, and the very women they say they represent.

It’s time we said “Enough!” Enough of the double standards. Enough of the vicious attacks on Republican women or anyone who dares to challenge the Left and their ideology, which isn’t about empowering women at all. It’s about empowering the state, the political elites, and their handmaidens in Hollywood.

Ivanka Trump is a successful, beautiful, strong woman who should be celebrated and supported for the example she sets for young women as a wife, mother, business woman, and, yes, even daughter. Is she perfect? No, none of us are. But to put a target on her merely because she loves and supports her father is the opposite of what feminism represents. Feminism is supposed to be about respecting a woman’s choices, seeing her independent of a man, and celebrating her on her own merit. Ivanka deserves that. We all do.

Correction: An earlier version of this article included TJ Maxx and Marshall’s in a list of retailers that have pulled Ivanka Trump’s clothing line. The two have so far kept her clothes on the shelves but removed them from special displays and signs.