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Watch This Anti-Trump Protestor Completely Lose His Mind On TV


Thousands gathered in Chicago on Wednesday to protest Trump’s electoral victory — including one protestor who said Hillary should sue and declare herself president.


Thousands gathered outside of the Trump Tower on Wednesday night in Chicago to protest Donald Trump’s electoral victory — including one protestor who said Hillary Clinton should sue the United States and declare herself president.

The protestor told an African-American CNN reporter that because Hillary won’t get to occupy the White House again, his vote only counts for “one-third” of a full vote, a reference to the constitutional three-fifths compromise,which initially only counted slaves (who could not vote) as three-fifths of a citizen for purposes of congressional apportionment.

The CNN reporter calmly responded that Trump won the election fair and square — to which the protestor responded that because Hillary won the popular vote, she should have won the presidency.

“Hillary, you’re a lawyer,” the protestor said. “This country needs you to stand up and walk into the Supreme Court and say: ‘One vote equals one vote!’ What is wrong with that? What’s the debate?”

What’s perhaps the most amusing part of his diatribe is that he’s essentially stating his candidate lost because the system — in this case the Electoral College — was rigged. He’s essentially ripping off Trump’s rallying cry about a rigged and unfair political system, which the Left mercilessly mocked and derided, and running away with it to protest against the president-elect.

He’s not the only one feeling the sadz. The night after Election Day, thousands of protestors marched in opposition to a Trump presidency, and the “hateful rhetoric” surrounding his campaign.

This article has been updated to accurately describe the three-fifths compromise.