Bethany Mandel Explains Why She Won’t Vote For Gary Johnson

Bethany Mandel Explains Why She Won’t Vote For Gary Johnson

Federalist senior contributor Bethany Mandel joined John Stossel on the Fox Business Network last Friday to explain why she won’t be voting for Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson in November.

“He doesn’t seem to understand a lot of the issues,” Mandel said.

She was willing to vote for Johnson until about a week ago, when he equated the United States’ actions in Syria to the Assad government’s actions in Syria.

“To drone [strike] a hospital is obviously a mistake, ” she said. “What Assad is doing in Syria is not a mistake.”

Mandel said she thinks Johnson’s stance on marijuana is inappropriate.

“He seems to cheerlead for marijuana use in a way that I find inappropriate,” she said. “Marijuana is illegal, so we basically have a presidential candidate saying very openly that he was breaking the law. Whether or he thinks it’s right or wrong, he admitted to doing so.”

Mandel said his position to force cake bakers to bake cakes for a same-sex couples is also problematic.

“If I had an anti-Semitic baker not want to bake me a cake. . . I would say, ‘Okay, I will take my business elsewhere, and I will tell all of my friends that you don’t like the Jews, and we will see how that goes.'”

“I don’t really understand forcing people to go against their conscience for no good reason,” she added. “It’s not like we have an absence of bakers in this country, or florists.”

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