The Left’s Response To Obvious Satire Of Their Jimmy Fallon Freakout Is Amazing

The Left’s Response To Obvious Satire Of Their Jimmy Fallon Freakout Is Amazing

This morning, we published a satirical piece by Daniel Payne, who jokingly lambasted Zack Galifianakis for not asking Hillary Clinton hard-hitting questions in a new episode of “Between Two Ferns.” Payne’s intention was to mock everyone’s over-the-top reaction to Jimmy Fallon’s softball interview with Donald Trump last week, but a lot of people missed the joke.

In his piece, Payne used the same phrases liberal media types used to criticize Fallon. Maxwell Strachan of The Huffington Post accused Fallon of humanizing a “dangerous man.” David Sims of The Atlantic mocked Fallon for ruffling Trump’s hair instead of demanding copies of his tax returns. Sonia Saraiya of Variety declared that Fallon had “lost all credibility.

Payne used a lot of the language from these finger-wagging progressives to make a point that comedians are allowed to be funny, and don’t always have to rake Republicans over the coals. But the over-the-top reaction we’ve seen from progressive media types shows just how ridiculous their initial freakout over Fallon’s Trump interview was.

Reed F. Richardson, a contributor to Talking Points Memo and The Nation, who obviously missed the joke, had this smug response:

Then Richardson tried to pretend like he knew it was satire all along, and kept digging himself deeper into a massive hole.

ThinkProgress’s Zach Ford admitted he didn’t get the joke.

CNN’s Jake Tapper had to explain that it was satire.

Others quickly followed suit and outed themselves.

Here’s some more exclusive footage of media types freaking out over this piece of satire.

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