Tim Goeglein
Tim Goeglein

Tim Goeglein is the Vice President of Government and External Relations at Focus on the Family in Washington DC.

To Expect Happiness Without Faith Or Family Is Wildly Unrealistic

American revival rests on strong marriages, strong families, and a fertility rate that is on the upswing, rooted in a sincere, national renewal of faith.

Americans Are Worried About Boys. Here’s What They Need To Succeed

To fix what ails the American male requires instilling boys with a purpose. When young men find a purpose in life, they become disciplined and focused.

The Pilgrims Gave Us Immeasurable Reasons To Be Thankful Today

While the Pilgrims gave us the first Thanksgiving, which we celebrate each year, they provided us with an even more important legacy to be celebrated, the Mayflower Compact.

How Your Tax Dollars Pay For Children To Grow Up In Broken Homes

Unmarried couples lose federal subsidies and tax benefits if they get married. Government shouldn’t penalize marriage, and it should work to have people support themselves.

Saving America’s Broken Families Begins One Faithful Life At A Time

Restoring marriages, families, and social capital cannot be accomplished via government, but by each of us modeling faith to our children and communities.