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Nick Viall Is The Next ‘Bachelor’ And He’s A Total Dud

the bachelor

Go home already!


ABC announced who will be the leading lad in season 21 of “The Bachelor,” and it’s. . .  Nick Viall. Womp, womp.

Nick is a dud. He’s had so many chances at love on reality TV. After getting booted from two seasons of “The Bachelorette” and starring on this season of “The Bachelor In Paradise,” the producers — for whatever reason — have decided to give homeboy a fourth season.

This is the same guy who told all of America that he had sex with Bachelorette Andi Dorfman during their fantasy suite date. The revelation put tension on Andi’s relationship with his onscreen rival Josh Murray — to whom Andi gave the final rose at the end of the season. Their relationship ultimately fizzled, and in her book about the whole affair, Andi said she often blamed Nick’s big mouth for their relationship’s demise.

Nick, you’ve already had three seasons to get your act together and find love, and you FAILED. At this point, you’re not fooling anyone. We all know you aren’t “here for the right reasons,” you’re here for the fame and the free food. Do us all a favor and go away!

Also, can we talk about how disappointing it is that Luke Pell won’t be the next Bachelor? As a war hero, family man, and a HUNK, Luke is perfect. After Bachelorette JoJo sent him home, Luke said he still loved her weeks after she broke his heart. Sigh.

Here’s the moment where he confesses his love to JoJo, only to have his heart smashed into little, tiny pieces moments later.

Even when his heart is being ripped out, he’s soooooo cute and sweet. What a man.

The most frustrating part is that I will watch next season anyway — even with loser Nick — because I’m not about to give up my Monday night wine-binges during which I yell at the TV. “The Bachelor” has gotten us, and they know it. It’s clear they’re toying with us by making Nick the next Bachelor, and that’s not cool.