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Leave Kim Kardashian Alone — She’s Right To Reject Feminism


Heat Street’s Jill Melchior responds to Kim Kardashian’s decision to reject the ‘feminist’ label, calling her decision selfish. Wrong.


In a piece entitled “Kim Kardashian Doesn’t Believe in Anything Other Than Wealth, Fame and (Above All) Herself,” Jillian Melchior says Kim Kardashian West can’t reject the “feminist” label because she’s a selfish attention whore.

“At worst, Kim Kardashian stands for nothing at all,” Melchior writes. “Her cry of ‘no labels’ can be easily substituted for ‘no policy,’ or even worse, ‘no use.’ . . . One more thing: Those derided ‘labels,’ along with their underlying principles, keep women interesting long after lauded looks fade. It’s only a matter of time before the rest of America finds Kim Kardashian as boring as I do.” Ouch. But false (Kimye ain’t going anywhere, for one. Sorry.)

I never expected anyone over at Heat Street — which prides itself on having “no safe spaces” — to decry someone who refuses to play along with the social justice warrior obsession with victim labels. Kim spoke for the many of us who are sick of the feminist movement’s obsession with fragmenting women into little camps of victimhood. She’s not willing to play their game, and we should laud her for that even if we think she’s not contributed enough to society to deserve her fame.

In the blog post in question Kim very astutely points out that modern feminism’s obsession with things like intersectional feminism and perpetual victimhood undermines efforts to attain equality. The reality TV star just does this in a way that’s intellectually accessible for the average person. She doesn’t bore everyone with big words, and for once she’s using her star power to talk about a genuine social problem in an unusually non-PC way.

Kim is a straight shooter who — like most of us — is sick and tired of being labeled so the people trying to neutralize our voices can ignore our ideas, and that’s what makes her NOT BORING. These labels are the very thing that prevent women from being interesting to anyone outside of their little tribe of like-minded sissies, and she’s right to reject them.

Melchior is not wrong about Kim’s selfishness. As she points out, Kim has literally published a coffee table book of her selfies and titled it “Selfish.” Her narcissism is extreme, and unlike the rest of us she gets rewarded for it. But just because Kim is self-absorbed doesn’t mean she’s wrong about this. The modern feminist movement is cancer, and she’s smart to shirk that label. Don’t pounce on her when she does something worthwhile for a change. Save that for the next sex tape.