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Hillary Clinton Celebrates ‘Equal Pay Day’ By Peddling A Pack Of Dumb Lies


Hillary Clinton celebrated Equal Pay Day by repeating the misleading statistic that women earn 79 cents on the dollar of what a man earns


Happy Equal Pay Day, ladies!

In case you hadn’t heard, President Barack Obama has officially deemed today as the date in which everyone gets a free pass to repeat false and demeaning talking points about how worthless women are, because equality.

Everyone is getting in on the fun — even Hillary Clinton took some time today to participate in a roundtable discussion hosted by Glassdoor during which she talked down to women by repeating the misleading statistic that women earn 79 cents for each dollar men earn.

The whole “gender wage gap” complaint is bunk — namely because the statistic claiming that women earn only 79 cents for every dollar a man makes is calculated by just looking at the median salaries of men and women. It doesn’t take into account the fact that men and women tend to gravitate towards different kinds of jobs, nor does it consider the fact that women tend to work fewer hours than men and take more time off from their jobs to care for their families.

Let’s face it: Hillary Clinton is the worst person in the world to be pushing for equal pay for women. For one thing, her entire political career consists of riding her husband’s coattails. As a U.S. senator, she paid the women who worked for her 72 cents on the dollar of what she paid her male employees. Women working for Clinton’s Senate office from 2002-2008 earned a median salary of $40,791, while men earned a median salary of $56,500, Brent Scher reported last February. Her husband has been no better. In fact, 80 percent of the top-paying jobs in his gubernatorial administration were held by white males. 

Numbers aside, Clinton’s attempts to make herself out as one of the gals who has to deal with a “wage gap problem” just like us is trite and insulting. Just after her roundtable appearance, she tweeted out a video in which a young girl asked Clinton at a campaign event if she would get paid the same as a male president if elected.


First of all, Clinton’s decision to use a little girl as a political tool is sickening, isn’t she supposed to be empowering little girls like this instead of using them as a battering ram for her own gain?

And let’s not pretend that poor-woman Clinton is barely let out of the poor house each day long enough to show up at a few campaign events while her male counterpart lives it up on a diet of champagne and oysters. Her personal net worth is $21.2 million higher than that of Bernie Sanders, who is also a man running for president as a Democrat.

Can we take a minute to remember this same woman accepted $675,000 in speaking fees in one year from Goldman Sachs and gets $600 haircuts? By contrast, Sanders prides himself on being above the influence of special interests (his average campaign donation is a mere $27) and he probably cuts his hair himself using a pair of rusty scissors he found while dumpster diving at Wegmans eight years ago.

Yet somehow we’re supposed to believe that this lady who last drove a car in 1996 and doesn’t pour her own iced tea is going to be the champion of impoverished single mothers. Forgive me if I have a hard time buying this charade.