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12 Times Hillary Clinton Struggled To Do Everyday Things

hillary clinton

Hillary Clinton struggled with a turnstile in a New York City subway station this morning. This isn’t the first time she’s had difficulty with everyday tasks.


Hillary Clinton struggled with a turnstile in a New York City subway station this morning. Despite her insistence that she has recently ridden on the subway (only 18 months ago!), it took her several tries before she could finally swipe her MetroCard correctly and get through the gate.

This humorous debacle isn’t the first time Clinton has had difficulty completing an everyday task. Here are 12 other times America’s favorite out-of-touch-grandma has struggled with an ordinary activity.

1. Eating Pork Chops

hillary clinton

At the Iowa State Fair last year, Clinton was pictured double-fisting a lemonade and a pork chop, but it seems she only managed to take two bites of her meat before being whisked away in a Secret Service vehicle. I imagine Huma Abedin was waiting inside to hold a cup to Clinton’s lips for the former First Lady to spit in the bites of pork she squirreled away in her cheeks.

2. Dancing

Every time Clinton tries to move with the music things go horribly wrong. At a campaign stop in February, Clinton attempted to get down with some other gals, but she ended up almost breaking her hip.

Watch Clinton alternate between thrusting her pelvis upwards and then awkwardly squatting back down:

Clinton attempted to Whip and Nae Nae with Ellen DeGeneres in January. Watch what happened:

Just an aside — can we all agree that Clinton should stop taking fashion advice from Violet Beauregard?

3. Getting Iced Tea

“Pls call Sarah and ask her if she can get me some iced tea,” she wrote in an email to an aide.

4. Working A Fax Machine

In an back-and-forth email exchange with Abedin, Clinton had to be walked through the process of how to send a fax. A frustrated Abedin finally tells her to “just pick up phone and hang it up. And leave it hung up.”

5. Driving a Car

In a 2014 interview, Clinton revealed that she hasn’t driven herself since 1996. Apparently, she was already losing her ability to drive 20 years ago, and joked about her dangerous escapade.

“I remember it very well. Unfortunately, so does the Secret Service, which is why I haven’t driven since then.”

6. Staying Awake And Lucid

Abedin told another staffer, Monica Hanley, that Clinton was “often confused” and required a lot of coaching from her aides in order to get through phone calls with foreign leaders. She also had to be awoken from naps at 8 a.m.

The Hill reports:

‘Have you been going over calls with her for tomorrow?’ Abedin asked Hanley. ‘So she knows [then-Indian Prime Minister Manmohan] singh is at 8?’

‘She was in bed for a nap by the time I heard that she had an 8am call,’ Hanley responded. ‘Will go over with her.’

‘Very imp to do that,” Abedin said in response. ‘She’s often confused.’

7. Going To A Bakery

Last May, the Clinton campaign tweeted what’s arguably the creepiest photo of Hillary Clinton ever. Apparently when she visits bakeries she’s apt to stare at cakes with a grimace, which is not how you shop for sweets.

8. Working Her Email

During her tenure as secretary of State, Clinton was known among her staff for being helpless and incompetent.

As late as 2009, she didn’t know how to access her email account on her computer. Her struggle with technology probably had something to do with her decision to use a personal email account pushed to her Blackberry for official State Department correspondence. Let’s not forget that many of these emails (at least 22) contained classified information and that her decision to use a private email server housed in a bathroom put lives at risk.

9. Setting Her DVR

Instead of just checking the program information by clicking the “guide” button on her TV remote control, Clinton emailed a staffer to ask what time “The Good Wife” and “Parks and Recreation” were scheduled to be on TV.

10. Using An iPad

Clinton asked her aides how to charge her iPad, how to connect to WiFi, and how to update the applications on her device. She also seemed to be nervous about sending emails from her iPad while flying in an airplane and sent a test email to make sure that it would work.

11. Googling Things

The aforementioned emails raise another question: why couldn’t Clinton just use Google to check TV programming information, or watch a video tutorial on how to charge an iPad?

12. Using Twitter

In 2009, Clinton emailed a staffer to ask who had been “twittering” from the secretary of State’s Twitter account.

“We should not be twittering in the secretary’s name since she is not the person actually twittering,” she wrote. “There is a reference in Newsweek to her twittering … Can you advise who is twittering in her name and how we can address?”

Clearly, Clinton’s struggle to complete tasks the rest of us do on a daily basis is not limited to getting through a New York City subway turnstile, but rather pervades her everyday existence. The woman cannot operate a search engine or fetch iced tea without assistance, and needs to be coached and propped up by a team of helpers to do her job.