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Caitlyn Jenner Plays Up Conservatism


Caitlyn Jenner isn’t backing down from conservative principles even in the face of severe backlash. It was bad enough the reality show star praised Ted Cruz, but now Jenner has really gone off the reservation by attacking Hillary Clinton.

During the season two premiere of the reality show “I Am Cait,” Jenner was on a bus tour in Iowa with a group of transgender women and was asked if they should stop to watch a Democratic debate.

“It’s the last place I want to be,” Jenner said. “But I’m open. We need both sides and if we’re unfortunate enough to get Hillary as our next president, we need her on our side. Although she won’t be – she couldn’t care less about women.” Then, Jenner added: “She cares about herself.”

Of course, the Internet exploded from every corner of the LGBT sphere, calling Jenner stupid, clueless, a “fame-whore,” a privileged trans, and self-centered.

Women Aren’t That Into Hillary

But Jenner’s opinion about Clinton isn’t unusual. Polls show women aren’t supporting her the way they did Barack Obama. That’s not surprising, since a national survey by Gallup found that the top words associated with Clinton are “dishonest,” “liar,” “don’t trust her,” “poor character,” and “dislike her.” In the top five, along with “like her” and “capable of being president,” are “criminal,” “crooked,” “thief,” and “belongs in jail.”

As for women, what has she done for them? Name one piece of legislation she passed as a senator to advance women’s issues? Here’s a hint: zero. When it comes to standing up for women’s rights, she has actually done the opposite. Her family’s foundation, for instance, gave large donations to countries where women are severely oppressed, including Algeria, Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, and others.

Valerie Hudson and Patricia Leidl have written at Politico saying Clinton’s commitment to women’s rights falls short.

Talking the talk is not the same as walking the walk, and as Clinton prepares for a presidential candidacy in which she will likely tout both her tenure at State and her potentially history-making role as America’s first woman president, it is only natural to examine whether the “Hillary Doctrine” really worked. Last week, amid the furor over her email server, Clinton was marking 20 years since her own groundbreaking 1995 speech in Beijing on women’s rights. But the anniversary also raised an important question: Two decades later, are the world’s women better off for Clinton’s efforts on their behalf—or were those efforts mostly for show?

Here at home, Clinton loses credibility about defending victims of sexual assault. As The Federalist’s Sean Davis details, Clinton turned her back on the many women who accused her husband of sexually assaulting them—despite the fact that she now says all sexual assault victims should be “heard and believed.”

Clinton also has a problem with young female voters. They see her as an entitled rich woman who has been marinating in white privilege all of her life to the point that she doesn’t relate to women who are struggling in today’s world. This is why they are turning to Bernie Sanders in droves.

Let’s Unite, Not Divide

Jenner’s criticism of Clinton is legit. Not only that, Jenner soundly rejects the temptation to play identity politics. Unlike others in the LGBT community, Jenner isn’t making political choices based on identity and single issues. The former Olympian recognizes that what matters most are those issues that help everyone.

The former Olympian recognizes that what matters most are those issues that help everyone.

Jenner made this point clear when one of the other transgender women on the show’s road-trip bus asked which Republican candidates would help transgender people.

“All of them,” Jenner replied. “They don’t hate gays or trans people. They are more ‘I want a thriving economy so every trans person has a job.’”

This is a point lost in the fog of identity politics or to those obsessed with a single issue: the big problems facing our country are the same for all of us: National security, jobs, and a corrupt administrative state that takes the money of everyday citizens and funnels it to Washington and Wall Street.

Many of those who criticize Jenner for supporting conservative candidates are turned off by the star’s wealth and fame, saying not all trans people are privileged, that they can’t afford to have top plastic surgeons and stylists like Jenner has had.

But I have to ask, if that’s their gripe, what do they think the solution is? Wouldn’t they like the economy to improve so they could have more opportunities? Wouldn’t they like to have job security and money to pay for that nose job they want?

It sounds like many in the LGBT community couldn’t care less if our country is overrun by fanatical jihadists, we become enslaved to other nations because of our debt, or we lose our liberty to greedy politicians, so long as they get to use the bathroom they want and say “I do” to whomever they wish.

Identity Politics Make the Big Picture Fade

If we’re not a flourishing country where we have a voice in the government, keep what we earn, are safe, and have opportunities to pursue our dreams, then no one benefits except the aristocratic class ruling from the Capitol—a class of which Hillary Clinton is very much a part. If our country goes bankrupt or is subdued by its enemies, it won’t matter what bathroom you use, whom you marry, or whether you can get your free birth control.

If our country goes bankrupt or is subdued by its enemies, it won’t matter what bathroom you use, whom you marry, or whether you can get your free birth control.

That isn’t to say these issues aren’t important. They are. Obviously, Jenner cares about them very much. But they need to be put in the right perspective when it comes to national elections. This is a significant point and one Cruz has made repeatedly. The powers of the federal government are few and defined, but it has become an invasive, corrupt entity that threatens our prosperity, our security, and our liberty. It needs to be stopped, limited, and brought back into the confines of the Constitution.

These other important issues should be handled at a local and state level where people who don’t have a national stage, like Jenner does, will have a voice about bathrooms, medical care, education, marriage, and any number of issues that affect various groups.

Jenner is right that freedom is what conservatives care about. We don’t hate gay people, but we do hate what corrupt politicians have done to our country. We hate the way Washington takes our money then uses it to line their pockets and those of their buddies on Wall Street.

We hate how our rights are violated by those who are overstepping their powers in the name of compassion and equality. We hate the breakdown of checks and balances in our political system. We hate how our safety is threatened because the federal government refuses to do its job.

This is what conservatives hate—not gays, not blacks, not women, not immigrants. We hate the abuse of power. We hate it because we love liberty, not just for us but for every single person who is a citizen of our great nation—and that includes every individual in the LGBT community.