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Is John Kasich Delusional?

john kasich

‘Maybe they all oughta gotta get out. Ya know? I’m the one with the experience the know-how, the accomplishments, and the record.’


Ohio Gov. John Kasich, who has the lowest number of delegates to his name thus far, seriously suggested in a Fox News interview Monday afternoon that the other Republican candidates should drop out of the race to clear the path for his victory.

Kasich has failed to win a single primary state and is polling at 8.8 percent nationally, placing him dead last behind Ben Carson, who recently dropped out of the race. Kasich has earned a whopping 37 delegates, compared to Rubio’s 151, Cruz’s 300, and Trump’s 384.

But today, he’s convinced that he can definitely win the nomination — if only all of the other candidates would just drop out and stop ruining it for him! Watch what he says at the 9:30 minute mark of this interview and try not to laugh.

“Maybe they’re spoiling it for me,” Kasich said. “Maybe they all oughta gotta get out. Ya know? I’m the one with the experience, the know-how, the accomplishments, and the record.”

“With my record and now with the growing crowds and maybe even a bit more media attention, we feel good about where we are,” he said.

Kasich is currently polling at 21 percent in Michigan, placing him in third place, according to a Monmouth poll released Monday morning. Even if Kasich manages to lock up 21 percent of the vote and earn 12 delegates — the proportional amount he would likely earn if he does indeed garner 21 percent of the vote — he would only have a total of 49 delegates rolling forward.

Kasich has been repeatedly called the “spoiler candidate,” as he has just enough support to distort the field for the other candidates, but not anywhere near enough for his own nomination. Maybe someone ought to sit down and do some primary-splaining to Kasich, because he has as much of a chance at winning the nomination as Trump’s fingers do reaching a whole octave on the piano.