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Hemingway: Hillary Clinton Deserves A Visit From Krampus This Year

Hillary Clinton, plagued throughout the year by poor decision-making, tops the naughty portion of a “nice and naughty” list for 2015.


Federalist Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway appeared on Fox & Friends to discuss who’s been nice and who’s been naughty this year in politics.

Bobby Jindal, Rick Perry and Scott Walker were “nice” for leaving the GOP nomination battle when their campaigns failed to take off, despite their executive experience and sharp policy proposals. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan was given provisional “nice” status for taking a job nobody else wanted after John Boehner stepped down, but his shepherding of a bloated budget that funds scandal-ridden abortion provider Planned Parenthood put him on probation. And Marco Rubio was rated “nice” for standing up for Ted Cruz’s family when they were attacked by Pulitzer Prize-winning cartoonist Ann Telnaes at the Washington Post. He did this despite a tenacious fight over the last week over immigration proposals.

The New York Times won an entry on the “naughty” list by calling for the confiscation of guns and the denial of the right to keep and bear arms. The Democratic National Committee received low marks for functioning as little more than an arm of the Hillary Clinton campaign, to the detriment of other candidates they are supposed to help and represent.

And Hillary Clinton got special “naughty” marks for a year with levels of scandal that give previous Clinton scandals a run for their money, beginning with accepting donations from countries doing business with her as Secretary of State and culminating with lying about Donald Trump being featured in ISIS recruitment videos.

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