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This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 26

weird twitter

Due to a recent confluence of events, I’ve learned much more about Frank Lloyd Wright than I ever cared to. Nothing against the man, but architecture isn’t one of my esoteric interests.

While I appreciate Wright’s work, I never realized quite how crazy he was or how much he saw himself as a central planner. At least one of his homes was built to be rather cloying and uncomfortable in the bedrooms with the idea being that would force people into the common room. Wanting family to spend time together is not the worst thing in the world, but his job was to build the house and not tell people how they had to use it.

His designs, called Usonian for we Usonians (that’s Americans if you’re not speaking Esperanto) were often built into the landscape around them. This meant they were aesthetically beautiful. It also meant more than a few of his homes were prone to flooding. Maybe Wright’s secret mission was to push Usonians toward seasteading, maybe I’m confusing him with Howard Roark, or maybe I just shouldn’t question genius.

Simply incredible.

Perhaps invented by a descendent of Wright.

What about a floating sovereign nation?

Not sure how to adjust this for seagulls.

It’s really just because the heat is bad for the stench.

Add a dead bird, preferably a goose, for good measure.

You can’t really blame them.

I support this policy.

They’re called wild animals for a reason.

They save the money from make the mistake of invading their homes.

Like one involving home invasions?

Don’t imitate the Big Bad Wolf.

They’re apex predators. You can never be too safe.

Cats are not down with coexisting.

I have three kids, too, but mine aren’t well-behaved so I can’t ever say this.

As a parent, you have to make sure your kids don’t get an inflated sense of self-worth.

Forget Starbucks, here’s the real war.

Why he insisted his will be read in a burn unit.


Self-defense is important.

For example.

But Molly Ringwald tho.

Every office has that one person who hates fun.

This employee, too, who doesn’t hate fun, just hot dogs.

They should hire this guy.

Teaching by example is totally legit.

At least he didn’t mock him for being stuck in a leash.

I’ve been there.

This toaster helps keep the evil going when the spirit is weak.

Quitter. He should learn to harness their power.

The bees beg to differ.

Agree 100%.

Fiat currency is all about perception.

And perception is reality. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Have a great weekend, my Usonian brothers and sisters. I suppose anyone else reading this, too, whether Canadian or English or those demonized by Trump. For when I achieve the next level of enlightenment, all will be welcome.

Here, I see myself here.