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Donald Trump Can Dance To Drake, So He’s Obviously White House Material


The Federalist publisher Ben Domenech explains why Donald Trump has proven he has what it takes to be America’s commander-in-chief.


Ben Domenech, publisher of The Federalist, said that Donald Trump has proven he has what it takes to be commander in chief on CBS’s “Face the Nation” on Sunday.

“We just saw Donald Trump go on [Saturday Night Live] and demonstrate the qualities one needs to be commander in chief in the modern era. Which is an ability to dance to Drake and send out particularly funny tweets,” Domenech said. “Frankly if your attitude is that you’re fine with the government offering people bread and circuses, you might as well hire the guy who seems like Barnum and Bailey.”

Domenech explained that the media aren’t entirely to blame for the desire for an entertaining candidate.

“This is the sort of thing that I think is as much driven by the demand of the people for entertainment as it is the media actually asking questions here,” he said.

“If you really wanted to dig into policies related to what Ben Carson thinks about the TPP (Trans-Pacific Partnership), or about trade, about foreign relations, or the like, that’s probably going to get a lot less attention at this stage than asking him something about the pyramids,” he continued.

Domenech also said that the recent Politico piece going after Ben Carson’s academic past was “overplayed,” and that it ended up benefiting Carson in the short term because he received an uptick of financial support afterwards.

In the long term, candidates without political experience will have a harder time redirecting the conversation when their biographies face scrutiny, Ben Domenech told the “Face The Nation” panel.

“When they don’t have the political career and record to shift the conversation to, whenever questions are raised about their biography, it give them less of an alternative point to make,” he said.