British Philosopher Dr. Roger Scruton Says America Has Retreated

British Philosopher Dr. Roger Scruton Says America Has Retreated

David Byler, elections analyst for RealClearPolitics, joins the Federalist Radio Hour to discuss the numbers behind election demographics and poll numbers. Later in the hour, Ben is joined by Dr. Roger Scruton, English philosopher and writer.

As Hillary Clinton slowly loses support, democrats are starting to pay more attention to their other potential candidates, including the ones who haven’t announced their candidacy yet. “Biden is the break glass in case of emergency candidate in this scenario,” Byler said. “It’s easier to be a theoretical candidate than it is to be an actual candidate.”

Byler explained the widget he built that allows scenarios to play out with candidates’ poll numbers. Users can make adjustments to see results as if other candidates were to drop out or not enter in the first place.

As a man with a foreigner’s perspective, Scruton discussed how America has retreated as a world leader. “It’s certain that President Obama will not be seen as a strong president,” he said. “What are we, the rest of the world, to do without American leadership?”

After a conversation on free speech and the thought crime craze on college campuses, Ben asks the philosopher his thoughts on Playboy’s recent announcement to cease publishing nudity.

“Women without clothes are a wonderful thing, but only if they have beautiful bodies,” Scruton said.

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