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This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 19

weird twitter

The Federalist recently celebrated its second birthday. In honor of this, we’re having a conference in a few hours, right now, earlier today, or last Friday, depending on when you read this. There are (or were) a number of interesting panel discussions and a happy hour.

If you’re around for happy hour, that’s when the most riveting discussion will happen, as I’ll be hosting a one-man panel on weird Twitter and also maybe on why geese are the worst animals on the planet and should be eradicated. It promises to be (or was) riveting, if perhaps a tad obtuse.

I’m not sure this is accurate. Maybe I’ll find the pope and ask him.

Also need to verify this.

Doesn’t sound like something he’d do, but maybe.

Excellent point.

Your holiness?

He is the Rodney Dangerfield of superheroes.

That’s how he made the song.

Can you imagine the horror if she collaborated with Skrillex?

Be specific when giving instructions.

I’d hire her. That couldn’t have been easy to put together.

Should’ve added bags of cookies, too.


Makes sense to me.



They are better.

Hooked on Phonics.

Which one is about gluten?

This may be the whole reason he’s running.

Yet we maintain a strategic national reserve of the latter.

And that’s when the fight started.

Take a stand for a healthy future.

Heather’s moderating/moderated a panel on pyrotechnics and grammar.

Victoria’s Secret reaches out to the goth crowd.

I may live this lifestyle.

He’s talking to people who drive in the left lane just because.

Pretty much.

“See how you make me feel?”

Not sure a country act is the best strategy.

He did have a pretty rigid formula.

Why would a robot want this?

Common mistake.


And now to get into the happy hour portion of today’s roundup.

She’s doing one thing wrong here.

Keep several. The right answer is several.

I want to work where this guy works. Full-time, I mean.

And now a word from our bartender.

Thanks! I hope our discussion went well and you now understand why we need a federal program to eradicate all geese from the face of the earth. I know it seems like an extreme position, but there’s really no other choice. Have fun and be safe out there and know that if you drink Neal’s cocktails, you probably won’t be able to relate to this statement.