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This Week In Weird Twitter, Volume 16


Once, in Springfield town, Homer Simpson accidentally dosed a large number of the residents with hallucinogenic juice, including Officer Lou. Lou responded by spinning wildly in his chair and laughing. Chief Wiggum, who had not ingested any of the magic elixir, asked Lou if he was all right. Lou responded, “The electric yellow has got me by the brain banana.”

I may not have any peyote, but after a week of experimentation with a pretty severe cold and work schedule and the accompanying sleep deprivation, I feel you, Lou. I feel you. The electric yellow has got me by the brain banana, too.
Makes perfect sense.

As does this.

At least they’re not bobcats.

Or Trump fans.

Zero Pinocchios.

Gonna have to disagree here.

Though there may not be a choice.

At least Trump doesn’t take selfies of himself to pay tribute to everything.

“Someone Elsie” coming soon to a dictionary near you.

Never give up.

Never. Give. Up!

Give 110 percent.

Find your groove.

And no matter your age, keep on trying.

Valid response, for a girl.

She’ll also grow up to withstand all attacks from swarming things.

He makes a good point.

Unless the argument started here.

That’s a good kid, there.

And a good dad, here.

And this is a good mom.


Maybe this exhibit, too.

“I’m all naked and wet.”

At least she didn’t re-enact this part.

Just ‘cause they make it in your size…

Good question.

Stand your ground.

He’s not big on ethanol or crazy school supply lists.

You and me both.

One of the founders of this site is pretty vocally opposed to pants, though he relents.

“Very good, sir.”

“Look, man, you got the outdoor display.”

Etiquette matters.

Very abstract.



That’s one way to do it.

The day after the election, if current trends hold.

Please exit the ride slowly and to the left and don’t forget to tip your flight attendant, as we’ve reached the end of this week’s trip. With heavy emphasis on trip. For what I lack in psychedelic juices, I make up for in sleep deprivation and leftover Dayquil. I may need to reconsider that, though.