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Man-splaining Is No Excuse For Invading Girls’ Locker Rooms


One hundred and fifty students at a high school in Missouri are braver than I am. Up until now, I have not really shared how politically incorrect I am: I refuse to use pronouns of someone’s choosing. If a man was born a man, I will call him “he” and vice versa for a woman.

While I’ve been told I should use a pronoun of one’s choosing out of respect and kindness, I decline to do so because I refuse to play along with the delusion. We don’t play along with the delusions of schizophrenics, and I won’t play along with the notion that someone with a penis is somehow a woman. It’s usually the same folks who scream about (the complicated) science on global warming also asking the rest of us to ignore basic human biology. The times, they may be a changin’, but I refuse to go along with the tide. The situation in Missouri is why.

How have these Missouri ladies bucked the political-correctness bandwagon? When one of their classmates declared himself a woman and demanded access to the girl’s locker room, they balked and they walked, staging a protest outside the school.

Lila Perry, the transgender teen, refused to get changed in a third locker room, instead insisting that he be allowed to undress and be witness to the undressing of individuals of the opposite biological sex. Perry told a local news station at a counter-protest, “There’s a lot of ignorance. They are claiming that they’re uncomfortable. I don’t believe for a second that they are. I think this is pure and simple bigotry.” I’m fairly certain this kind of response isn’t in “How to Make Friends and Influence People.”

Shut Up and Undress, Ladies

In a world filled with far more ideological consistency than ours, Perry would be, rightfully, accused of “man-splaining.” How else could one describe a man who declares dozens of young women uncomfortable with changing their clothes with a biological man in the room to be ignorant and bigoted? A young man can wear a wig and a skirt, apply some makeup, and declare himself a “she,” but he cannot for a moment understand the gut feelings that women are born with. The naked body might be on display across our media, and a young man might not understand how young women would be uncomfortable getting changed in front of him, but other young women surely do.

It is apparently more important to prevent the hurt feelings of one student of the school than to disturb the comfort and possibly safety of dozens of others.

The first lesson women learn in self-defense classes is this: “Trust your intuition. Your most valuable resource is your instincts.” Now the Left is telling young women in the beginning of their journey to womanhood, when they are just learning strategies to keep themselves safe and when they are most vulnerable, to ignore their guts for the sake of political correctness. They are on one hand telling us there is nothing less than a rape epidemic on America’s campuses, and on the other telling women about to move onto those campuses that their gut feelings of danger are “transphobic” and should be ignored.

It is apparently more important to prevent the hurt feelings of one student of the school than to disturb the comfort and possibly safety of dozens of others. One student must be made to feel comfortable in a locker room, even if none of his peers in the same locker room do.

The Tolerance Double Standard

In another town in Missouri, a transgender teen was recently nominated to be his school’s prom queen. While many Progressive might assume the state isn’t exactly a beacon for acceptance of the transgender movement, that doesn’t appear to be the case. While the residents of Hillsboro might otherwise accept the transgender teen, their willingness to do so stops at the door of the girl’s locker room. It certainly doesn’t help Perry’s cause by calling all who disagree with the extreme step of integrated locker rooms that everyone who might declare themselves uncomfortable are automatically bigots.

As with the gay-marriage debate, we have seen that any dissent is automatically deemed bigotry.

On gay marriage, RedState’s Erick Erickson has famously said, “You will be made to care.” There are a number of bakeries and photographers who can attest that they have, indeed, been made to care. We are told, “Don’t like gay marriage? Don’t have one!” We are told the same on transgender issues. It didn’t even take a year from when the first transgender individual was featured on the cover of Time magazine and the first celebrity transition for our kid’s locker rooms to be invaded by those demanding tolerance—but only on their terms.

The parents of the girls in that locker room have already been made to care. As with the gay-marriage debate, we have seen that any dissent is automatically deemed bigotry. I thought, as Howard Zinn says, dissent was the highest form of patriotism? The tide has already turned on that front, but if Americans aren’t comfortable with biological males in their daughters’ locker rooms, it behooves us to call a spade a spade—or, in this case, call a boy a boy.