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Breaking News Alert This Week In Lawfare Land: 'Deadly Force'

Liberty-Hating Fascists Arrest American Hero For Disabling Red Light Cameras

The arrest of a New Yorker for disabling red light cameras poses a question that all must answer: is this Son of Liberty a great hero, or the greatest hero?


The arrest of a New York man for disabling red light cameras poses a vital question that all Americans must answer: is this Son of Liberty a great hero, or the greatest hero?

Stephen Ruth, a 42-year-old New Yorker, was arrested earlier this week for neutering red camera lights, which act as automated revenue collection agents on behalf of Big Brother.

“In order to do this successfully, you only need a pair of balls and a painter’s extension rod,” Ruth says in a how-to video he published on YouTube.

Ruth also shared his tips on how easy it is to restore simple American freedoms on his Facebook page. According to, a dirty, no-good snitch ratted out the fearless freedom fighter to local police, who then arrested him for the crime of loving liberty:

Police say they received anonymous tips regarding a video posted on social media that shows Ruth tampering with the cameras and seemingly encouraging others to do the same.

“I’m going to show you how easy it is to take the power back,” Ruth says in the video. ”It doesn’t take more than a minute and the gratification is huge.”

After he uses an expandable pole to push a camera skyward, he boosts, “I just saved people about $10,000 today.”

Ruth wrote on his Facebook page that he didn’t care if he got arrested for his self-less work on behalf of his over-taxed and over-regulated fellow countrymen.

“Of course I knew I would be arrested. I did it for the people who come back from war and get abused by these cameras,” he wrote on Wednesday.

“I love my fellow Americans and all people for that matter,” Ruth concluded. “I will defend the weak.”

President Barack Obama has not said whether he will consider Ruth for the Congressional Medal of Honor for Ruth’s sacrifice and courage under fire.