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Watch Obama’s Own Spokesman Nuke Obama’s Iran Deal In Only 26 Seconds

In just 26 seconds, Obama’s own top spokesman completely nukes the administration’s nuclear weapons deal with Iran.


Obama’s deal to lift sanctions on Iran and allow it to continue the purchase and production of enriched uranium is so bad that his own staff can’t even figure out how to spin for it. It’s so bad that Obama’s opponents don’t even need to craft their own arguments against it — they can just recycle the Obama administration’s arguments against the deal.

Watch as Obama spokesman Ben Rhodes destroys the Iran nuclear deal in only 26 seconds (h/t to @elliosch, who put the video clip together):

After the Obama administration announced that it had come to an agreement with the unrepentant terrorist-sponsoring regime in Iran, Rhodes acknowledged that the deal does not require unfettered, 24/7/365 inspections of Iranian nuclear sites.

“Uh, we never sought in this negotiation the capacity for so-called anytime/anywhere, where you can basically go anywhere in the country,” Rhodes told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Tuesday.

But in April of 2015, Rhodes swore up and down on Israeli television that any deal approved by the Obama White House would of course require “anytime/anywhere” inspections of Iranian nuclear and military sites.

“We will have anytime/anywhere access,” Rhodes claimed at the time.