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Trump Demands Return Of American Greatness, Then Tweets Pic Of Nazi Troops

Donald Trump confuses German Nazis for American GI’s in embarrassing Twitter gaffe.


The nightmare of Eisenhower finds realization in the political aspirations of Donald Trump. On Tuesday afternoon, the presidential hopeful made an unseemly Twitter gaffe when his campaign posted a picture of Nazis on the North Lawn of the White House.

Trump Twitter


Hash tagged “MakeAmericaGreatAgain,” the advertisement sports a Donald deep in thought. Unfortunately, Trump staffers gave little thought to the graphic of goose-stepping fascists. Users quickly spotted the SS squad and promptly launched their own Twitter blitzkrieg, mercilessly lambasting the candidate.

The Trump campaign quickly deleted the tweet.


A degree in European History wasn’t required to zero in on the travesty. Any American familiar with the global struggle that shaped the 20th century could spot the discrepancy. Civics books, war movies, and video games have all captured the iconic and contrasting helmet styles of American GI’s and the German Wehrmacht.

But don’t worry Donald. You can learn. Here’s how:

The Bad Guys

Bad Guys


The Good Guys

Good Guys

Perhaps Mr. Trump should tell his digital-director, “you’re fired.” And hire any well-informed fifth grade boy off the street.