Philip Wegmann
Philip Wegmann
Philip Wegmann

Philip Wegmann is both a staff writer at The Federalist and the producer of The Federalist Radio Hour. In the past, he reported with the Daily Signal where he covered breaking national and international news, while also publishing in-depth regional stories from around the country. Graduating with honors from Hillsdale College, he earned bachelor’s degrees in History and Political Philosophy. Contact him at [email protected] and follow him on Twitter.

Pope Francis Visits White House South Lawn, Says Nothing About Abortion

In his White House address, Pope Francis speaks divine truth to princely power on everything except abortion.

Women Lose When Men Bumble

The men on Bumble are too lazy to make the first move. They’re also too lazy to buy flowers, plan picnics, and remember anniversaries. They’re the wrong kind of guy. Girlfriend, find yourself another man.

Millennials And Curmudgeons Both Need To Clean Up Their Grammar

The young and the old are both pretty terrible at communicating in the information age. We should change that.

Mr. Trump Goes To Washington And Brings His Media Circus

Celebrity GOP candidate Donald Trump rallied opposition to the president’s Iranian nuclear deal. Here’s what it looked like.

‘Post Cards from The Vag’: A Tragic Abortion Comedy

Lady Parts Justice, a pro-abortion advocacy group, gathers the best feminist comics to tell the worst dead baby jokes.

Act Like An Adult And Drop The Dress Code

Mandatory dress codes don’t belong in democratic society. Individual responsibility does.

Posting Pictures Like Popping Molly, Millennial Addicts Need to Cool It With the Instagram

It’s time to get clean. It’s time to unfilter our lives.

Ben Carson Doesn’t Belong On The Main Debate Stage

It’s not brain surgery. It’s politics. And Dr. Ben Carson doesn’t belong in tonight’s debate.

Yo Millennials, Move In With Your Parents And You’ll Lose At Life.

By moving home with their parents, more millennials are missing out on moving on with their life.

Confirmed: Jon Stewart Was Obama’s Official White House Jester

More flak than funnyman, Jon Stewart was the President’s pet comic.

Eminem’s Freestyle Rap Shows Society’s Turntables Might Be Spinning In A Different Direction

You Don’t Have to Listen to Eminem’s Filthy New Rap. But You Have to Take Him Seriously.

Pro-Lifers Shouldn’t Fall For Donald Trump’s Latest Abortion Con

Unfortunately for the Republican Party, Donald Trump is as creditworthy as the many enterprises he’s bankrupted over the years.

Twitter Says ‘Lamborghini’ Is Trending, But Won’t Tell You The Real Reason Why

Twitter keeps gaslighting the pro-life issue. Lamborghini’s trending but not for the reason the company wants you to think.

Arming Soldiers After Chattanooga Would Let The Terrorists Win

In the aftermath of the Chattanooga Terror Attack, we shouldn’t turn recruiting stations in strip malls across the country into thousands of little Alamos.

Apple’s Siri Doesn’t Know That Bruce Jenner Is Still A Dude

In the Culture War, Siri decides whats true and false.

Trump Demands Return Of American Greatness, Then Tweets Pic Of Nazi Troops

Donald Trump confuses German Nazis for American GI’s in embarrassing Twitter gaffe.

I Froze My Way To the Top In A Summer Job. Why Can’t My Friends?

I worked as an Oompa Loompa in Willy Wonka’s frozen hell, and all I learned was the virtue of hard work and the value of a summer job.

Hey Slate, Bullying Microbreweries Won’t End Misogyny

Stop politicizing everything, Slate. Sometimes a beer is just a beer. And if you don’t like the beer’s label, then don’t buy it.

Our Right To Work: How Obama’s Overtime Hurts Millennials

President Obama waving his magic wand to ‘give’ more people overtime really means less money and advancement opportunities.

Millennials Still Need Speed

Most millenials have lost all mechanical ability. But under the surface, there’s a subtle renaissance of responsibility reemerging.