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23 Prominent Democrats Who Rolled In Donald Trump’s Dough

For being a true conservative, Donald Trump sure has funneled a lot of cash to prominent liberal Democrats over the years.


For being a true conservative, Donald Trump sure has funneled a lot of cash to prominent liberal Democrats over the years.


The billionaire media mogul has flirted with presidential politics before. But this time, he’s finally going for it. Yesterday, Donald Trump officially announced that he’s running for president.

During a press conference at Trump Tower, the Donald declared that the nation needs someone to “take the brand of the United States and make it great again.” Mr. Trump knows something about rebranding. He’s done a lot of it over the past few years.

On the conservative speaking circuit, Trump has stumped for the support of the base. Railing against the Obama administration, he has styled himself as a foreign policy hawk with social conservative sensibilities.

But a closer look at his history reveals that Trump has been more politically promiscuous than his recent rhetoric would suggest.

Here are 23 Democrats who have handsomely profited from Trump dollars over the last two decades.

1. Hillary Clinton


Trump wanted New York to hire Clinton when she was running for The senate. He personally donated $15,500 to his potential Democratic presidential rival.

2. Charlie Rangel

Charlie Rangel

Censured by the House Ethics Committee, Harlem’s Charles Rangel still secured $20,350 over the years from Donald Trump.

3. Chuck Schumer

Photo: Center For American Progress/Creative Commons 2.0

New York’s Charles Schumer raked in $9,900 in Trump cash.

4. Harry Reid


For several years, Trump has supported the senator most responsible for the passage of ObamaCare. Harry Reid has collected $9,400 from Trump.

5. John Kerry


Until Senator Kerry launched his campaign for president in 2004, Trump regularly bankrolled the Massachusetts senator’s campaigns to the tune of$5,500.

6. Anthony Weiner


Before the Twitter selfies, Trump pumped up Weiner’s political ambitions with $4,300 in campaign contributions.

7. Tom Daschle


The former Senate Majority Leader who nearly become Obama’s HHS secretarytook $4,000 from Trump.

8. Joe Biden


Before Senator Biden moved onto the White House, Trump helped him move into the Senate with a generous $1,000 check.

9. Chris Dodd


Co-author of the Dodd-Frank Law that bears his name, the Connecticut senator accepted $3,000 from Trump.

10. Joe Lieberman


The Democratic nominee for vice president in 2000, Lieberman has collected $23,000 from Trump over the years.

11. Ted Kennedy: $6,000

12. Dick Durbin: $1,500

13. Frank Lautenberg: $7,000

14. Robert E. Andrews: $6,900

15. Bill Nelson: $4,500

16. Carolyn B, Maloney: $4,000

17. Daniel Patrick Moynihan:$3,000

18. Fritz Hollings: $3,000

19. Patrick Kennedy: $2,500

20. Bob Menendez: $2,000

21. Dan Maffei: $2,000

22. Bob Graham: $2,000

23. Heflin Howell: $1,000

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