QUIZ: Parody Or Actual Salon.com Article?

QUIZ: Parody Or Actual Salon.com Article?

Site parodies are completely en vogue these days, especially those of the struggling liberal webzine Salon.com. J. Arthur Bloom and Rob Mariani, the brains behind the brilliant @salondotcom parody Twitter account, so mastered the craft of parodying Salon that Twitter even banned their parody account for a time:

The account routinely fooled Twitter users on both the right and left who would click the headlines hoping to be delivered to Salon articles that confirmed their own biases.

It’s not clear exactly why Twitter shut down @Salondotcom, although the social media service has been known to suspend parody accounts. Still, it’s a shame.

The logic behind the Twitter ban was likely that the parody account was diluting Salon’s trademark by so accurately capturing the the site’s tone. Maybe Twitter had a point. Can you tell the difference between a fake Salon article and a real one? Are you a true master of Salon parody?

Take our quiz below to find out.

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