Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn
Madeline Osburn is a staff writer at the Federalist and the producer of the Federalist Radio Hour.She graduated from Abilene Christian University. Contact her at [email protected] or follow her on Twitter.
Charles Barkley Mocks Jussie Smollett: He Should’ve Just Gone To Liam Neeson’s Neighborhood

“America, let me just tell you something: Do not commit crimes with checks,” Charles Barkley joked on TNT’s NBA halftime show Thursday night.

Head Of Chicago Police Shames Jussie Smollett For ‘Phony Attack’

“How can an individual who has been embraced by the city of Chicago, turn around and slap everyone in this city in the face by making these false claims?”

How A 1946 Law Is Still Dissolving Legislative Power Today

The Trump administration’s effort to deregulate and reverse red tape among federal agencies has met resistance, mostly by the courts. Like both Bush and Obama administrations, Read Full Article >

Mass Shooting In Aurora Shows Why Gun Control Doesn’t Work

The shooter was able to carry out an act of violence not because of a lack of gun laws, but because of a bureaucratic failure to enforce the existing ones.

Andrew McCabe Thinks Russia Wanted Him To Head The FBI

On ‘The View’ Tuesday, McCabe revealed behind-the-scenes details of what evidence caused him to believe the president is a Russian puppet.

Vox Writer: Media Not Responsible For Pushing Smollett’s Hate Crime Hoax

Vox Correspondent Liz Plank perpetuates false information about hate crimes and media coverage of the Jussie Smollett attack on CNN.

Trump’s Trade Policy Revives Interest In The Non-Delegation Doctrine

If overturned, President Trump could lose power to restrict imports on the basis of national security concerns.

O’Rourke: I’d Destroy The Entire Border Wall If I Could

‘[The border wall] has pushed migrants and asylum seekers and refugees to the most inhospitable stretches of the U.S.-Mexico border, ensuring their suffering and death,’ former member of Congress Beto O’Rourke says.

Andrew McCabe Admits Top NatSec Officials Plotted Coup Against Trump

After the James Comey firing, McCabe discussed removing Trump from office and began a counterintelligence investigation of Trump’s alleged ties to Russia.

Voter Support Of ‘Medicare For All’ Drops By Nearly 50 Percent

New data shows support of “Medicare for All” fell as 2020 presidential candidates touted their single-payer health care proposals in January and February.

Poll: Pro-Choice Americans Overwhelmingly Oppose Late-Term Abortion

Seventy-seven percent of pro-choice Americans oppose removing medical care for a child who could survive outside the womb. Sixty-six percent oppose abortion in the third trimester.

Is Colton Underwood The Most Honest Bachelor Yet?

There’s no need to wait around for the rose ceremony drama anymore. This season’s ‘Bachelor’ is sending girls home left and right, and it’s refreshing.

Second Accuser Comes Forward Against Virginia Democrat Justin Fairfax

Meredith Watson said Fairfax’s attack was “premeditated and aggressive,” and calls for Fairfax to resign. This follows an accusation by Vanessa Tyson.

House Democrats Block Mass Shooting Survivor Steve Scalise From Testifying At Gun Control Hearing

Despite being nearly fatally wounded and undergoing the trauma of gun violence himself, Scalise is a strong supporter of the Second Amendment.

Noah Rothman On The Convoluted Ideology Of Social Justice

“Social justice is identity politics in practice,” Rothman said on this episode of the Federalist Radio Hour.

Atlantic Writer Tweets Trump Assassination Fantasy

Jemelle Hill’s tweet during the State of the Union implied that Rep. Ocasio-Cortez should participate in a conspiracy to assassinate President Trump.

Democratic Rep. Omar Doesn’t Address Jews Or Past Comments When Asked About Anti-Semitism

At a ‘religious freedom’ event, Rep. Omar failed to address anti-Semitism when asked directly about what she’s learned about anti-Semitism.

Washington Post Displays Glaring Double Standard When Reporting Sexual Assault Claims

The Post’s standards seem to change based on whether or not the alleged perpetrator is a Democrat or a Republican. This is bad for us all.

Dabo Swinney Surprises Special Needs Team Manager With Super Bowl Tickets

‘He gives our team and myself unbelievable perspective, and I have yet to see David Saville have a bad day,’ Coach Swinney said.

Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam’s Yearbook Page Features Blackface, KKK Photo

In Northam’s medical school yearbook from 1984, he is pictured either wearing blackface or dressed as a Klansman.