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Breaking News Alert Slimy WaPo Reporters Cower From Interviewing Dave Portnoy After He Exposed Their Backhanded Journalism 

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Public Libraries Are Becoming Cathedrals Of Wokeism

…worldview. Public libraries want to teach kids how to cross-dress complemented by offering them a plate of confusing gender identities. The author’s banishment follows the same playbook woke activists have…

Woke ‘Rights’ Are All Based On Coercion

…threatened in order to guarantee this “right” to not be a victim of “hate speech.” The Right Not to be Offended Woke rights are entitlements to coercion and the restriction…

Defund The Speech Police

…last few years. Entrenched Wokeness Thus, defeating wokeness will require more than ballot-box triumphs. The campaign against it will be long and must be sustained at multiple levels of government….

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