Can A Generation Swamped With Wokeness Turn To Free Thought?

Can A Generation Swamped With Wokeness Turn To Free Thought?

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, podcast host and YouTuber Daniel Idfresne joins Culture Editor Emily Jashinsky to discuss his essay “I’m 17. And I’m Immunized from Woke Politics.” As a conservative, first-generation American from Brooklyn, New York, Idfresne explains how his parents, his church, his teachers, and his own personal interests inoculated him against the woke politics of his peers.

“Teenagers, their highest value is acceptance is not necessarily the truth … It’s fine, right? We are teenagers, we are susceptible to our circles and the people around us,” Idfresne said, noting the common fear in his generation that someone will be branded as a racist or sexist.

“I would say that, for lack of a better term, a spidey sense of ‘something’s wrong here,’ sort of like alarm is going off in many of my classmates’ heads but they’re not taking the next step of saying ‘oh, let me research this. Oh, let me say something,'” he said.

This generational hesitancy to question the woke politics that are spoonfed to people from all angles, Idfresne said, is exacerbated by social media.

“Gen Z is more susceptible to agreeing with certain ideologies is because we are online all the time … it almost feels like zero-sum competition and so in this world, it seems like there is no truth but power,” he said.

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