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Watch Ryan Long’s New Hilarious Video Making Fun Of Woke Silicon Valley 

Ryan Long, a New York City comedian, filmmaker, and creator of a recent viral video calling out the out-of-control ‘social justice’ movement, is back at it.


Ryan Long, New York City comedian, filmmaker, and creator of a recent viral video calling out the out-of-control “social justice” movement, is back at it with some hilarious content for his weekly Monday comedy sketch. His latest video titled “Every Silicon Valley Company Right Now” is a parody of the over the top leftism that consumes San Francisco Bay-area big tech companies.

“Riley Mix,” played by Long, is the CEO of the fictional company, “Diversity Corp.” As the designated straight white male, he leads his brainwashed but “diverse” employees through a typical woke workday.

Throughout the sketch, the employees of Diversity Corp. robotically make periodic statements like, “Every job should be 50 percent women,” “There’s no biological difference between men and women,” “Big tech needs to censor speech more,” “Beauty is a social construct,” and “We must repeal net neutrality.”

The sketch is filled with funny little moments of rationale from the employees. One of the workers is confused after repeating the “Every job should be 50 percent women” statement, saying, “Well I don’t know every job,” to which Mix angrily cuts him off accusing Usama of having “a problem with diversity”. Another employee questions the net neutrality statement: “I’m pretty sure they did repeal that,” she says, making fun of the way left-wing talking points have come to feel like a broken record.

The sketch plays on the way corporate tech companies are thirsty for all diversity except diversity of thought, as well as the hypocrisy of “diversity” initiatives from overwhelmingly white male tech CEOs. Mix announces, “I pledge to fill every position, other than mine, with the most diverse staff of people who agree with me in the history of Silicon Valley.” He continues, “We have black guys that hate Trump, brown guys that hate Trump, Asians that hate Trump, women that hate Trump, LGBT who hate Trump.”

Mix explains that the main export at Diversity Corp. is “the right opinion but said by a black guy.” A black employee named Larry smiles and states, “Russiagate,” to which Mix quickly whispers, “Okay, just do the other one.” Russiagate is the failed left-wing witch hunt to impeach Donald Trump based on false information conjured by Democrats. The employee then replies in a monotone, “Scientists should never be questioned,” referring to Wuhan virus hysteria and Americans being forced to blindly follow the orders of Washington bureaucrats like Anthony Fauci.

The interview process at Diversity Corp. is just as amusing. Usama, with the title “Indian Employee,” explained that Mix did not ask for his resume, just his “23 & me” DNA test and his “stance on Trump.”

Megan Smith, with the title “Member of LGBTQ+ Community,” says, “My interview was just him asking me if I had ever had sex with a woman. I said, ‘Yeah I made out with a chick once in college,’ then he said ‘Okay that’s good enough.’”

Mix later refers to Smith as a “lesbo.” Smith tries to respond in the background, “No, I wouldn’t really classify myself as gay,” but is ignored by Mix.

The ending scene of the sketch is Mix calling Larry into his office, “Larry, have a seat please,” he says, “What’s this I hear about you liking an Andrew Dice Clay tweet?” Larry responds, “Yes, my favorite comedian…” Mix interrupts him, stating, “You’re fired.” Larry leaves, throwing his hands in the air and exclaiming, “You know, f-ck this!”

Andrew Dice Clay is a stand-up comedian who has been scrutinized by the left for his apolitical — yes, apolitical — jokes. The ending displays the contrast between the ridiculously out of touch corporate woke white exec and the regular employee who just likes a certain comedian.

For many, Larry’s reaction is a vocalization of what people who are sick of the woke movement and cancel culture are thinking. Long’s new video has struck a nerve in the same way his previous video did, garnering thousands of views and overwhelmingly positive feedback.