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Public Libraries Are Becoming Cathedrals Of Wokeism

Kirk Cameron was never going to be allowed to hold a Christian-based story hour in the Cathedral of Woke.


Your children can’t attend a seminar at the local library by a male white Christian author on “biblical wisdom,” but they can learn from drag queens why other children want to chop off their genitals.

Fox News reported on Wednesday that actor, writer, and producer Kirk Cameron has been effectively banned from more than 50 public libraries and prohibited from promoting his new book, “As You Grow,” centered around faith, family, and biblical wisdom. However, many of the same taxpayer-funded libraries offer programs promoting “gender fluidity, inclusion and diversity.”

According to Fox News, “others offer ‘name change’ clinics for older teens and adults who want to alter their official paperwork for gender-identity reasons.” Heaven forbid these same libraries host a seminar teaching kids they’re fine just the way they are.

Cameron’s publisher, Brave Books, gave the network a series of responses from different institutions rejecting the author from coast to coast.

“We are a very queer-friendly library. Our messaging does not align,” said the Rochambeau Public Library in Providence, Rhode Island.

A staffer with City Heights/Weingart Branch Library in San Diego, California, responded to the publisher’s pitch to host Cameron by plainly saying, “I don’t think that’s something that we would do.”

“Because of how diverse our community is, I don’t know how many people you would get,” the employee added.

San Diego may be in the belly of the beast in liberal California, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t Christians there, let alone conservatives, who might have wanted to bring their children to Cameron’s story hour. Instead of opening up the library’s doors to give their neighbors the opportunity to attend, the staffer blocked the program altogether.

By doing so, the employee imposed his or her own views on the rest of the community, but this pro-drag queen stance is at odds with the views held by a majority of Americans. An October survey from Rasmussen found 60 percent of American adults believe “Drag Queen Story Hour” to be inappropriate for children, programming the City Heights/Weingart Branch Library proudly sponsors.

Cameron wanted to teach children about “love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, gentleness, faithfulness, [and] self-control” through a biblical worldview. Public libraries want to teach kids how to cross-dress complemented by offering them a plate of confusing gender identities.

The author’s banishment follows the same playbook woke activists have peddled for years on college campuses now permeating institutions from Wall Street to Main Street. Instead of allowing a platform for individuals with opposing views to engage with the community, faithful followers of the new secular church of identity politics self-righteously shut dissenters down while sporting bumper stickers that read “coexist.”

Last year, the conservative comedian Ryan Long published a 3-minute video poking fun at “The Church of Woke.” Playing the liberal priest and founder of the church, he mocked all the ways modern activists impose their left-wing values system as an organized faith.

“The ‘Church of Woke’ is just like any other church, except our god is intersectionality and our devil is intolerance,” Long says, going on to share a list of books its congregants plan to burn from Jordan Peterson’s “12 Rules for Life” to “Harry Potter” by J.K. Rolling.

In the clip, Long shares a definition of religion by the French sociologist Emile Durkheim, who defined the term as:

a unified system of beliefs and practices relative to sacred things, that is to say, things set apart and forbidden — beliefs and practices which unite into one single moral community called a Church all those who adhere to them.

Under this paradigm, Cameron would never be allowed to hold a Christian-based story hour in the Cathedral of Woke, just as an Islamic imam would never be allowed to conduct a Catholic service. Public libraries are embracing their new function as a haven for the woke religion. Librarians themselves are becoming more radical as priests of the cathedral while these predominantly taxpayer-funded institutions join college campuses to push dissenters into exile.

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