William Newton
William Newton
William Newton

William Newton is an Art Critic at The Federalist. Newton is a graduate of the Georgetown University School of Foreign Service, The University of Notre Dame Law School, and Sotheby’s Institute of Art in London. He lives in Washington DC. Learn more at wbdnewton.com and follow on Twitter @wbdnewton.

Smithsonian Exhibition Follows 19th Century American Treasure Seekers To Venice

Bringing all of these treasures, and the thinking behind them, together under a single umbrella is the challenge this show faces, and for the most part, it succeeds.

New Director On Reopening The Hispanic Society’s Art Museum To The World

‘The idea of the museum as a fortress that tells the world what one should think and what one should appreciate or not, this is over.’

Go Glam This Summer At The Met’s Fantastic Medici Exhibition

If you’re looking to see a big, beautiful art exhibition this summer, ‘The Medici’ at the Met is definitely the one you don’t want to miss.

Inside The Museum Of Modern Art’s Beautiful New Cézanne Show

Whether you love to draw, paint, or just doodle, seeing how one of the most important artists of the past century went about his craft is worth your time.

The Exceptional Frick Collection Has A Captivating, Temporary New Home

At Frick Madison, one finds exceptionally rare works of art we now realize are even more valuable since we haven’t been able to see them for so long.

Netflix’s ‘This Is A Robbery’ Is High On Flash, Low On Substance

A new four-part documentary on Netflix delves into what many call the greatest art robbery of all time.

In Philadelphia, Explore How Old Masters Influenced These Expressionist Painters

Some art exhibitions are enjoyable because what is on display is intrinsically beautiful — challenging exhibits, however, yield their own rewards.

This Art Exhibit Sends You To Spain On American Soil

While it may not be as good as being there, the exhibition and the accompanying catalog help us to eagerly look forward to when we can go back to Spain.

A Secondhand Address Book Unraveled The Life Of Famed French Artist Dora Maar

When Brigitte Benkemoun acquired a used address book, she untangled its fascinating contents to paint a picture of the life and times of the famed owner, Dora Maar.

What It’s Like To Visit America’s Newly Reopened Art Museums

It’s nice to finally return to some of the nation’s best art museums, but the experience isn’t the same without the jostle, noise, and company of others.

DC’s New Eisenhower Memorial Looks Like A Careless Politburo Designed It

The fact that the Eisenhower memorial fails to inspire either admiration or ire raises the question of what was the point in having North America’s most prominent ‘starchitect’ involved.

The Internationally Famous Rupert Alexander On Painting Portraits During Lockdown

Renowned painter Rupert Alexander sits down with The Federalist’s art critic William Netwon to discuss how a portrait artist can continue in a pandemic.

How Landscape Art Evokes A Universally True Human Experience

Talented artist Rebecca Coffin Anderson hopes landscapes and the concept of ‘place’ can spark important conversations that bring Americans together.

New York Priest Lifts Spirits Of Nursing Home Shut-Ins With A Special Dose Of Culture

Rev. Hugh Vincent Dyer is busy helping New York City nursing home residents, giving them not only spiritual comfort, but a collection of films and poems that bring back good memories and keep their spirits high.

Edgar Degas’s Work Is Less Sentimental And More Complex Than I Thought

What I found was not only far more complex than I had anticipated, but also challenging to my preconceptions of Edgar Degas as little more than the Maurice Chevalier of painters.

How A Great American Artist And Architect Complemented Each Other

The two friends created works that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but also show how presentation is just as important to overall success as is content.

DC Features Best Look At Raphael’s Artistry Outside Rome And London

‘Raphael and His Circle,’ which opened recently at the National Gallery of Art, brings together works from the museum’s collections of prints and drawings by the master and his associates.

The Top 5 Art Stories Of 2019

You truly haven’t lived until you’ve seen Cate Blanchett wearing a bicycle helmet being spun around inside a giant clothes dryer as part of an art piece.

Finding God Inside MoMA’s New Exhibition Of Home Movies

The exhibition installation consists of 100 screens of various sizes, divided over two floors, each of which runs different clips of home movies in MoMA’s permanent collection.

Félix Vallotton: An Art Rebel Who Became Part Of The Establishment

Swiss-French artist Félix Vallotton (1865-1925) was a member of ‘Les Nabis,’ a group of young artists from the Académie Julian in Paris.