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Breaking News Alert Major Media Outlets Refuse To Call Attack On Trump's Life An Assassination Attempt

Media Finally Admit Biden Poses Grave Danger To Country After Years Of Defensive Coverage

President Joe Biden during first presidential debate
Image Credit CNN / YouTube

Last week, the White House and its left-wing media apparatus adopted a new phrase, “cheap fakes,” to try and deflect from the decrepit president, Joe Biden. But there was nothing “fake” about Biden’s Thursday debate performance, which is why the left is now openly — and rightfully — questioning Biden’s fitness for office.

But make no mistake, the media’s deliberate gaslighting of the American public for years about Biden’s health and mental agility has put us in grave danger, and calls for Biden to be replaced are a tacit admission of that.

Axios’ Alex Thompson said on CNN in the wake of the debate that the White House had gaslit and lied not only to the American people about Biden’s age, but also to reporters.

While it may be true that the White House gaslit the public, the media deserves to shoulder just as much blame as the White House, if not more. It doesn’t take an expert to see Biden falling up the stairs, over sandbags, and off his bike to question his physical limitations. It certainly doesn’t take an expert to hear Biden’s incoherent gaffes and mumbling to question his mental acuity.

If an 81-year-old showed up for a job interview acting the way Biden does, he’d be sat in a waiting room until police could determine which nursing home he escaped from. So, an actually functioning press would have relentlessly covered this clear danger to our national security, but instead they published whatever talking points the White House pushed.

For example, the Associated Press wrote a piece entitled “Seeing is believing? Not necessarily when it comes to video clips of Biden and Trump.” The Hill published a piece “‘Cheap Fake’ Biden videos burst into national spotlight.” Rolling Stone said Republicans were trying to “fuel” concerns about Biden’s age with “cheap fakes” and “deceptive videos.” Deadline’s Ted Johnson said the “cheap fake” videos were simply “parrot[ing] Donald Trump’s talking points.”

Meanwhile, MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has called President Biden the “best version of Biden ever,” Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas called Biden “intensely sharp,” and other left-wing talking heads pinned the blame on “ageism.”

But nothing, no amount of defense from the corporate media, could account for Biden’s performance on Thursday.

It’s why the talking point all day Friday is that Biden must step down so that Democrats could nominate someone who can, well, walk and talk unassisted.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman called for Biden to drop out of the race, writing Biden is “a good man and a good president, [but] has no business running for re-election.”

The Atlantic’s Mark Leibovich wrote the “best part of this debate for Democrats is that it happened on June 27.”

Politico’s Irie Sentner wrote Biden’s gaffes and stumbling made him “unintelligible” and that “the problem was impossible to ignore.”

But the problem isn’t new, nor was it the result of “cheap fakes.” The media just chose to “ignore” it because they had control over how they could portray Biden.

The shameless corporate media chose pleasing their deep state pals with puff-piece coverage of Biden instead of informing Americans that their lives were at risk because a man who couldn’t even remember when his son died is in charge of their national security.

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