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Jewish Plot To Participate In An Election And Oust Pro-Hamas Marxist Gasbag Succeeds

Later, commie.


Jamaal Bowman lost his congressional primary race yesterday by 17 points, and all his allies in D.C. and the media decided to blame the Jews.

Now, it’s true that a large contingent of Jews who reside in Westchester County got together and, using their free will, decided to vote against a rape-denying Hamas apologist. But let’s not underplay the fact that Bowman was also a truther, a racist, and a fire-alarm-pulling clown.

Bowman, it seems, didn’t even know where his district was located. “We are gonna show f—king AIPAC the power of the motherf—ing South Bronx,” the former middle-school principal yelled to a small crowd at one of the most cringe-worthy political rallies I can ever remember watching. Red-diaper baby Bernie Sanders, one of the most popular politicians in the Democratic party, was on hand to tell the small crowd that the Democratic primary was “one of the most important” in American history.

Bowman’s district isn’t in the South Bronx, by the way. His rally was five miles outside his district.

In any event, most leftists blamed the American Israel Public Affairs Committee for Bowman’s fortunes. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who put on some kind of wild pogo dance at the Bowman rally, has accused AIPAC of being “a right-wing insurrectionist-supporting, pro-Netanyahu lobbying organization.” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes claimed that Bowman’s race was in a “dead heat” without AIPAC’s involvement, which is a ludicrous conjecture considering Bowman was down 17 points before AIPAC ever ran an ad.

Here’s the thing: Though it is highly likely Bowman would have lost his race without AIPAC’s involvement, if the pro-Israel group was responsible for taking him down, that’s fantastic. It’s about time AIPAC — a middleweight spender at best — got more involved in races against pro-Hamas politicians.

One of the most milquetoast activist groups in D.C., AIPAC has spent decades trying to placate every political faction in the country. Before anti-Jewish progressives got their hooks into the Democratic Party, virtually every major elected official showed up at its events — including Barack Obama, the most unfriendly president in Israel’s history before Joe Biden. The organization is so sensitive to left-wing criticism that it supported a trip to Israel for antisemites Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib.

It is not AIPAC’s fault that pro-Iran allies found a foothold in the Democratic Party. It’s not AIPAC’s fault that Qatar bankrolls anti-Israel activism across the political left. Or that media outlets like The Washington Post are filled with Hamas apologists. It’s not their fault that a contingent of leftists don’t believe Israel has a right to exist. Let Soros-funded anti-Israel groups like J Street—which seems to have helped radicalize Bowman in the first place — bankroll the hard left.

Incidentally, Israel was barely mentioned in any of the political ads in the Bowman’s race. Even if it had been, foreign policy is a completely legitimate political issue. AIPAC is supported by American citizens. And just like the many leftist “dark money” activist groups that drop millions on races, its members care about an issue and have every right to organize and affect political outcomes. American foreign policy decisions are made by politicians. And voters have a constitutional right to organize and fund groups that represent their philosophical and moral outlook.  

So, good riddance.

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