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Senate Democrats Scheme For A Vote On Their Most Radical Taxpayer-Funded IVF Bill Yet

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The bill mandates a host of morally deplorable practices that should deeply disturb Americans, especially those who are pro-life.


Democrats have tried and failed to pass radical legislation that would guarantee Americans what they misleadingly call a “right” to assisted reproductive technologies like in vitro fertilization. Their latest attempt comes this week as the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on a Democrat-pitched legislative package that would vastly expand taxpayer funding and immunity for the industry responsible for selling the serial creation and destruction of embryos.

The “Right To IVF Act” combines four of Democrats’ most extreme ART bills (the Access to Family Building Act, the Family Building Federal Employees Health Benefit Fairness Act, the Veteran Families Health Services Act, and the Access to Infertility Treatment and Care Act) to create one giant regulatory pass for the fertility industry by promising to “pre-empt any state effort to limit such access and ensuring no hopeful parent — or their doctors — are punished for trying to start or grow a family.”

The text, as even Democrats’ friendliest corporate media allies (like NBC News) admit, quite literally shields the IVF industry from accountability and “legal liability” found in the famous Alabama Supreme Court case earlier this year.

The self-proclaimed “sweeping” bill would require Americans with moral objections to IVF and other forms of ART to fund the manufacture of motherless and fatherless children. The legislation’s deliberately vague language could also easily be construed to protect surrogacy and experimental transhumanist technologies like artificial wombs“gene editing,” and the erasure of women in reproduction via in vitro gametogenesis.

Additonally, the bill would make a permanent path for taxpayer-funded ART like egg and sperm freezing, IVF, and surrogacy for millions of U.S. servicemembers and veterans.

Thanks to the inclusion of Sen. Cory Booker’s AITCA, insurance companies with employer-sponsored plans that cover obstetrician services would also be forced to use funds they collected from other paying Americans to cover “treatments or procedures that involve the handling of human egg, sperm, and embryo outside of the body with the intent of facilitating a pregnancy, including in vitro fertilization, egg, embryo, or sperm cryopreservation, egg or embryo donation, and gestational surrogacy.”

The addition of Booker’s bill alone not only threatens to raise already expensive IVF costs but, more importantly, incentivizes the promotion of babies by any means necessary above adoption and restorative reproductive treatments that address the root causes of infertility.

Fundamentally revamping the definition of family, as the ART described in Democrats’ dream IVF package often does, harms both women and babies because it sacrifices children’s natural right to their mother and father to accommodate the desires of adults. It also mandates a host of morally deplorable practices that should deeply disturb and faze Americans, especially those who consider themselves pro-life.

IVF standard practice requires harvesting and fertilizing multiple eggs to increase the chances of successful petri dish conception. Since Americans undergo hundreds of thousands of artificial reproduction cycles each year, it’s easy to conclude that countless unborn lives are created through the lab-facilitated joining of gametes, only to be pushed aside due to genetic grading, discarded, or abandoned in freezers.

Data suggests that many of these little lives would have yielded successful pregnancies but were instead discarded based on eugenics-y testing that often yields incorrect results.

Senate Democrats claim to “believe a core tenant of freedom is being able to decide when and how to begin or expand a family,” which is why they are choosing to pursue a vote on this bill package. But that’s not their only goal.

Sens. Booker, Tammy Duckworth, and Patty Murray’s fierce promotion of ART falls directly in line with their party’s abortion-for-all agenda. The same Democrats touting this legislative package under the guise of ill-named “reproductive rights” voted in favor of codifying ending life in the womb through all nine months of pregnancy under the same premise.

In fact, the senators admit that their attempt to force ART and its many costs on Americans is explicitly linked to their vitriol for “MAGA Republicans” and pro-lifers who “continue their state-by-state attacks on reproductive freedom in post-Roe America.” Those so-called “attacks,” of course, are the passage of popular lifesaving laws that protect both mothers and babies from the harms the abortion industry regularly imposes on them.

It’s unclear exactly what Republicans will do when presented with a vote on this radical legislative bundle. GOP Sens. Katie Boyd Britt and Ted Cruz both claim to believe life begins at conception but have endorsed using federal force to deter states from regulating Big Fertility, which routinely destroys that life. Concerns about the abortion undertones in Democrats’ bills, however, and their GOP colleague’s previous, even if misguided, rejection of those bills suggests they would do well to shun the latest scheme that would codify the destruction and discard of unborn lives.

If the latest Senate IVF package makes one thing clear, it’s this: Democrats are not interested in protecting Americans from being taken advantage of by industries that put profit above all moral and ethical concerns. Instead, they prefer to embolden those industries with legislation that leaves plenty of room for whatever dystopian and fatal plans their operators come up with in the future.

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