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Russell Brand Calls Out Weaponization Of Justice System, Says Voting For Trump Is Only Way To Save ‘Democracy’


Actor Russell Brand called out the left’s weaponization of the justice system and encouraged voters who care about “democracy” and “freedom” to vote for former President Donald Trump during a recent episode of his show “Stay Free with Russell Brand.”

Brand began by telling RNC Spokeswoman Elizabeth Pipko that he was “concerned about the snobbery and contempt and condemnation in which people that support Donald Trump are plainly held by his detractors.”

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“And this is while you have an administration that’s emulating his policies, plagiarizing from Donald Trump while simultaneously criminalizing him through the weaponization of the legal system,” Brand said.

Trump was convicted on 34 charges by a left-wing jury for a crime no one can clearly articulate. But the conviction was nothing more than a culmination of the left’s never-ending 2016 election denialism.

“In a straight choice between Donald Trump and Joe Biden, if you care about democracy, if you care about freedom, I don’t know how you could do anything other than vote for Donald Trump for precisely the reasons that they claim that you can’t vote for Donald Trump,” Brand continued.

The Biden-Harris campaign, clearly with zero self-awareness, posted on X that Trump has “plans to jail his political opponents” just to “regain power, preserve his own freedom and seek revenge on anyone who opposes him.”

Trump currently faces jail time for his show trial conviction, with sentencing scheduled for July 11. Democrats have resorted to lawfare to kneecap Trump’s ability to campaign as President Joe Biden fails to overtake Trump in the polls.

In fact, Biden and his party have made it clear that their campaign strategy hinges on Trump being the victim of a weaponized justice system. Biden fundraised off the lawfare while his team performed a publicity stunt outside the Manhattan courthouse on the day jury deliberations were set to begin.

Prior to the Manhattan show trial, Trump was ordered to pay a $454 million penalty for a “crime” in which there were no victims and no was financially hurt. Trump is appealing that ruling.

Pipko said in a statement to The Federalist that people are “waking up and seeing the dangerous weaponization, which has been on display for some time now.”

“Whether against President Trump, or even his supporters as Brand pointed out, this is the opposite of what anyone should want to see in the United States,” Pipko added.

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